Friday, March 8, 2013

Vic Sotto topbills Vampire ang Daddy Ko

TV host – comedian Vic Sotto returns to doing family sitcoms as he topbills Vampire ang Daddy Ko which will air beginning March 9 every Saturday night on GMA7. 

This original family sitcom  produced by GMA Network and MZet Productions also stars Oyo Sotto as Vlad, Glaiza De Castro as Vavavoom, Bea Binene as Bebe, Derrick Monasterio as Derry, Jackie Lou Blanco as Sonya (in Vlad’s point of view) and Ms. Pilita Corales as Sonya.  Completing the star-studded cast are Jimmy Santos as Small, Ryzza Mae Dizon as Big, Anjo Yllana as Bibo, Jin Ri Park as Jinri, Jacque Oda as Omma, and Sef Cadayona as Stefani.  


Vampire ang Daddy Ko is a family sitcom written along the lines of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko (OKFK). OKFK established its own mythology and its own set of rules. For instance, despite her powers to appear and disappear at will and erase the memory of others, Ina Magenta could not bring back the dead from the living. She was powerful, but she believed in God. Also, OKFK was a family show before anything else. It imparted wholesome family values without departing from being a situation-comedy. OKFK was a fight between good and evil but it did not aim to frighten, so that it could tap both young and old audiences. 
Vampire ang Daddy Ko seeks to accomplish all that and more, using a faster pace of storytelling and modern post-production editing techniques.
The story revolves around a family where the head is a vampire, and where love is the only thing that makes them survive everybody’s suspicion and their own paranoia. But more importantly, the story focuses on the love of a son for his father and vice-versa. 

Vlad (Oyo) is a semi-retired vampire and the head of the family. He’s been making do with animal blood since he married a human, Sonya (Jackie Lou / Pilita). It is his great love for Sonya that made him want to reform. Sonya, in turn, has promised to give him fine and outstanding children, and she’s given him two sons, Vad and Victorio (Vic).
Unlike his older brother, Victor is not a vampire. He has issues with his father. He knows his father is a vampire who, from time to time, still consorts with active vampires. Victor feels his father doesn’t love him as much as he does his missing older son, Vad. Vlad continues to tempt Victor with pig’s blood, measures his cuspids to see if they’ve grown into fangs, and in his presence keeps on asking his wife Sonya if it’s possible for them to have picked up the wrong baby in the hospital nursery. 
Will the love between father and son outweigh their differences? 

Written and directed by Ms. Bibeth Orteza, find out how Vlad and Sonya, together with the merry mix of characters of Small and Big, Bibo, Jinri, Omma, Stefani, Derry, Bebe, and Vavavoom will make Victor’s life a lot more interesting and exciting.  

Don’t miss Vampire ang Daddy Ko as it premieres on March 9 and will air every Saturday night right after Kap’s Amazing Stories only on GMA7.

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