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HERE IS HIS STORY: 6 months ago, I have learned that WCOPA is accepting auditions in Canada. Janice Lozano the Western BC director and scout posted it on her wall. I quickly prepared my audition piece. Few weeks after, I have learned that I got in to Team Canada but my mom said we cannot proceed because we do not have enough money. My mom is a full time student. My dad is the only one who is working at present. 
That was my first rejection.I told my mom, I will work hard for the fees, I will sell chocolates and collect bottles because we still have time to do it. My mom said that is not possible because we are busy. The next day, while I was heading to school, I asked my neighbor if she can give me her recycled bottles. This time, she said yes.Asked my dad to help me to the closest depot and I got $37 out of it and made me happy. My mom was not still happy about it. She said "I do not want you to think that this is possible but I will support you". 
That time, that answer from my mom was enough for me.I talked to my mom one night and asked if I can borrow $200 from her credit card and buy chocolates online.My mom said "ok". Since then, I targeted 100 houses to sell 30 pcs of chocolate bars everyday.I knew half of those would reject me and I am prepared for that.Thank God, I was able to sell 30 chocolates everyday and paid my mom her $200.I ordered chocolates again and my neighbors gave me their recycled bottles which I also collect with my dad and sometimes some of our friends would drop them off at my house.

Friends of my parents planned fundraiser concerts for me.I was scared at first because I knew that no one knew me then and it will be really hard to sell tickets that time.I just prayed to God to guide me.I had my first sold out concert, and then to the 2nd sold-out concert and then to the 3rd sold-out concert.The 3rd one was the biggest because a Filipino singer/songwriter Joey Albert was my very special guest. She was undergoing chemo that time but she was able to make it.I love her so much. 
My concert's title was "BELIEVE". Some relatives and friends would send me money.My mom while studying would organize and plan for the concerts and slept 3 am for few months straight planning for my songs and other things. Once I saw her on the corner crying for being so tired. I cry silently too. My dad would always encourage me to do whatever I think is the best for me. My mom was very supportive of me this time and apologized she said "No" at first.
I did vocal warm up exercises in the morning, sell chocolates after school and collect bottles, and then make my assignments then rehearse. Until I was able to raise funds and enough to take my mom and dad with me for my WCOPA competition.

My experience here in WCOPA is one of the most memorable moment for me. Aside from winning,I have gained friends from all parts of the world. These people are extremely talented. My teammates were like big bros and sis to me since I am the youngest from Team Canada. Belinda Reyes is always helpful to each and every one of us. I am thankful to her she said "yes" when I auditioned. Thankful to Janice Lozano for posting the event on her wall and for supporting me and the rest of Team Canada here in Los Angeles.I saw her and my mom crying when my name was announced as the GRAND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.
Thank you to all my supporters, who believed in me since the beginning, to my Sponsors, to those who prayed for me.I will never forget everything you did to me. I was writing your names in my small notebook and will keep this forever.
To all of you who feels that your dream is not possible, think again. I tell you, everything is possible. I just pray... Never give up, stay strong, stay positive! There will always be rejections and distractions but keep moving forward. That's what my mom always say.
Wherever this journey take me, please remember that I will always be your little Ethan. I just have my title with me but I will always be the same Ethan David as you have known since day 1. I love you all!!! Thank you Lord

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