Thursday, March 22, 2018

BARBIE and TAKI together in an unusual horror/drama 'ELEHIYA'

APT Entertainment Lenten Specials are traditionally aired during Black Saturdays on GMA Network and started in 2000.

This year, APT Entertainment Inc. proudly presents ELEHIYA starring Barbie Forteza and Taki Saito, airing on March 31 at 7:30 pm.

The unusual horror drama is directed by Michael Tuviera and also in the cast are Jeric Gonzales, Thea Tolentino, Allan Paule, Archi Adamos, and Lotlot de Leon.

Spirits are believed to roam around in limbo as they seek to close unfinished business, to finally walk into the light, to move on.
But what if they're bound in this plane because it's the living that can't move on?
Barbie Forteza portrays the role of Lucia, a fake seer who has no love for anything and anyone but her sister Cristina, to be played by Taki Saito.

But Lucia gets a run for her money when she wakes up one day and sees ghosts for real. Seeking to close her 'eye', she and sister help the spirits move on while learning to let go of her living ghosts too--her anger for their father, her grief with the loss of her mother, her lack of faith.

Follow the story of the two sisters as they toe the line between the living and the dead, how they find redemption in love, and how they find God in the midst of pain this Black Saturday in....Elehiya.

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