Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Luis Manzano Talks About Optimism and Spreading Positivity; Stresses on the Importance of Treating Everyone with Kindness


THERE is much to be said about Luis Manzano -- that he is one of the best hosts in the industry hence the moniker “Pambansang Host”; that he can also hold his own in the acting department as seen in his filmography; and that he is lucky, not because that is his pet name, but because he’s been given the opportunity to reach out to others through the industry where he shines the most.

Through his God-given talent, Luis recognizes that he is not just entertaining people from all walks of life. He also gives them a momentary escape from the sometimes, if not all the time, harsh realities that people are so desperate to get away from.

“You know sometimes when we talk about being able to help someone, ang iniisip agad ng mga tao is monetary. Pero hindi naman. Sometimes a simple picture or a wave. People have no idea that goes such a long way,” shares Luis.



           The power of positivity

By now, people already know Luis enough to say that he is not one to brag about what he has done for other people. Take for example the ABS-CBN shutdown that happened during the early months of the pandemic.

“It was a challenge because our world was turned upside down... I did a few things here and there to help a few Kapamilyas and hopefully, they’re better,” says Luis who refused to go into details. Instead, he’d rather promote the simplest of things that one can do to lift someone’s spirits.

“Eto ‘yung philosophy ko diyan, when you meet people or when you meet your fans and they come up to you and they ask for a picture and you oblige, or you simply wave from afar, kung ano man yung pinagdaraanan ng tao na yun for that day – whether it be problems with the family, problems at work, financial problems, health problems – instantly, you made them forget their problems even just for a bit.”

Luis also tries to inject the same positivity when dealing with people on social media, especially when he gets direct messages.

“There are some people asking for monetary help, but there are some people who are depressed… Sometimes, ‘yung problema ng tao goes past the whole ‘Wala ‘yan, you’ll be fine.’ I just talk to them.

“There’s so much power and magic in conversations. Sometimes, all you have to do is simply ask someone genuinely, ‘How are you?’ and it opens floodgates of feelings, emotions, and sometimes, that’s where they find the answers,” he says.


The essence of being an influencer

Apart from being a respected host and actor, Luis is also one of the mos sought-after brand ambassadors nowadays. As the face of a particular product or service, Luis is cognizant of the significant role that he plays in influencing the preference of his target public. This is why he always makes it a point to work with brands that are not only credible but also share the same values as him.

Earlier this year, Luis took on the role of a health advocate for the leading flu medicine, Bioflu. The brand’s campaign, “Babangon ka sa Bioflu,” seems to agree with his philosophy on bringing people back on their feet.

“We have to admit that there are people who, if they don’t get to work because they are sick, grabe yung dent sa income nila, especially at this time na marami ng nawalan ng trabaho o naging unstable ang kanilang pinagkakakitaan. That’s why a lot of people fall back on a trusted brand like Bioflu to be able to get back on their feet and do what they need to do for themselves and their family,” says Luis briefly reflecting on the plight of many who cannot afford to miss a day or two at work and on the essence of being the brand’s ambassador.

Luis also attests to the efficacy of the brand he is endorsing. He recalls of one occasion when he caught the flu the night before the grand finals of the reality show that he was hosting.

“It starts with a certain feeling na medyo iba, parang ‘di maganda ang timpla ko, ‘di maganda ang gising ko. Tapos as the hour progresses, that’s when it hits you – umiinit ka na tapos ang sakit ng ulo mo tapos may konting ubo at sipon, ang hirap gumalaw.”

More than just being able to finish the job, Luis knows the value of being able to connect effectively with the audience who look up to him as the face and the lead of the show. He needs to be at his optimum and knows exactly what to do.

“That’s when I turn to Bioflu. Para at least the next day, tanggal lahat ng flu symptoms and I get to be me,” he recalls. 

“And it is not just for the audience but even for the entire production who all work so hard to come up with a fantastic show. They all depend on my ability to deliver a fantastic and seamless performance. My responsibility is not just to the viewers but even to the people behind the show,” adds Luis.

With his experiences in show business, including the highs and lows, and shifts in his personal life, it can be said that we are now looking at a more “wais” Luis—a loving and sweet husband who is looking forward to starting a family with his wife, Jessy, a thoughtful son, a well-respected host and actor, a sought-after brand ambassador and an influencer—not just in the realm of mere endorsements of a new brand or product but as a source of positivity to his followers. And by simply being himself, he gives his audien ce a reason to get-up and look at the brighter side of life.

“Nandito lang ako, handang magbigay ng panahon, makinig at magsabing, kaya mo ‘yan. Babangon ka rin, shares Luis.”

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