Thursday, September 22, 2022

Piolo Pascual, Praises for Being Humble: Goes for Optimum Oral Health with Beautéderm

BEAUTéDERM Corporation continues to celebrate its 13th anniversary with the formal launch of Piolo Pascual as ambassador of the brand’s newest set of oral care essentials Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste. 


It should be noted that this is the third consecutive year that Papa P has been with Beautéderm as one of the brand’s A-list endorsers. 

He was first introduced in 2020 as the endorser of Beau Charcoal Soap which is part of Beautederm's Spruce & Dash series. But due to the pandemic, it was never launched and he was only presented in the entertainment media this year.

With an awe-inspiring career that spans three prodigious decades, Pascual’s body of work include a consistent string of top-rating primetime television series as well as blockbuster and critically-acclaimed films that has defined several generations, making him one of the most respected and trusted actors in the history of Philippine entertainment.


The immense mainstream popularity and accomplishments of the iconic actor in both television and film paved the way for him to pay it forward as a producer of quality films that greatly contribute to the growth of the industry.    

Pascual’s success as an actor is borne out of hard work and perseverance, which is very much parallel to the story of Beautéderm that has equally inspired countless Filipinos. Both Pascual and Beautéderm are passionately committed to excellence and the highest standards of quality – making them a perfect match.

And Pascual being a certified health buff makes him the ideal artist to promote Beautéderm’s oral care essentials, especially these days where the maintenance of good wellbeing is extremely important not just to survive but also to thrive in these very challenging times.   


“Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste are daily essentials of mine in maintaining excellent oral health,” says Pascual.

“These are all-natural products that are not only hygienic but it adds an extra layer of protection against germs and viruses as well. I am so grateful to my Beautéderm family and to Ms. Rei for trusting to represent these amazing products that I absolutely love.”

Beautéderm’s President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan on the other hand is thrilled to have Pascual on-board the fabulous Beautéderm family for the third straight year.

“Who doesn’t love Piolo? No one could every argue that he is the ultimate hunk and one of the industry’s top leading men,” says Anicoche-Tan.


“But beyond all the pomp of his showbiz persona is a hard-working man who creates a positive difference in this world through his professionalism, humility, and the goodness of his heart. Plus it really doesn’t hurt that he has a dazzling megawatt smile right? It is truly our pleasure to have Piolo with us in our Beautéderm family.”    

According to the down-to-earth and very generous owner of Beautederm, "si Piolo talaga walang ka-ere-ere na tao. Kahit maghintay siya sa labas, parang okay lang, hindi niya kami minamadali.

"Tapos sabi ko nga, bilang negosyante, ginagawa niya ang work niya, makikita mo talaga ang mga post niya, kaya sulit na sulit siya na maging endorser.

"Kaya sana makasama ko pa siya sa marami pang taon, dahil marami pa tayong batang pinag-aaral.

"Iba kasi na meron na tayong Piolo, may Marian (Rivera), at Dingdong (Dantes) pa, nakakabit na kasi sa akin ang mga pangalan nila. Kaya nagkakaroon ng prestige ang aking maliit na kumpanya.

"Kaya I'm very and proud na kasama si Piolo na napakagaling na artista, ang guwapo pa. Piolo is Piolo."


Ms. Rei also shared that world stopped when Piolo arrived at the 'Beautederm Ball'. Everyone was amazed, including her and can't hide her admiration to the award-winning actor and she was really blushing.

In 2016 she got the award-winning actress Sylvia Sanchez to be the first female endorser and face of Beautederm. She told to the manager of the actress, Anna Goma, "ang gusto kong first male endorser ay si Piolo. At that time, wala pa akong pera na pambayad sa kanya.

"Kaya sabi ko, promise I will work hard, dahil gusto ko siyang makilala at maging endorser ng mga products ang isang Piolo Pascual. Kaya dream came true po siya.

"Totoo yun, tapos mas nakilala ko pa siya. Na kaya pala love na love siya ng mga tao. Tapos mas lalo ko pa siyang in-admire, kasi pareho kami eh. Yung turo ng mga nanay namin, kung bakit kami nandito ngayon."

Anyway, the products is developed, tested, and manufactured in Japan, KO-REI-SU is a combination of the Nihongo words KOKOTARU (bright), URESHII (happy), and TISU (teeth). 

Beautéderm conceived Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste as a set of top tier oral hygiene essentials that are both fluoride-free and triclosan-free with very minimal ingredients that makes the products safe and effective for the entire family to use.

Koreisu Family Toothpaste is formulated with Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) that makes it a safe alternative to commercial toothpastes without sacrificing anti-plaque benefits while fighting tooth-decay that causes bacteria. Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste on the other hand is a whitening toothpaste that contains activated charcoal that eliminates stains and unpleasant odor.        

Splash a much-needed dose of premium in maintaining superior oral health and switch to Piolo Pascual’s number one choice – Beautéderm’s Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste.

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