Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Senator Imee Marcos Shares Her Style Secrets And The Process Of Writing A Law

WATCH and learn how to cut your own hair and, yes, pass a law. 

Spend a weekend filled with laughter and relevant new information with Senator Imee Marcos when she premieres two brand-new vlogs that will stream for free on her official YouTube channel. 

On Friday, October 21, Imee shares her style secrets in keeping her luscious locks fabulous as she shows her viewers how to cut her hair DIY (Do It Yourself) style! 


The ever-innovative Senator revealed that she started surfing YouTube regularly when the pandemic broke and she came across a DIY haircutting tutorial. 

She tried it and found it quite effective, and as a Dakilang Ilokana always conscious about budgets, she realized that it would save her a lot of money. It kept her safe as well since she didn’t need to go to a crowded salon for her regular haircuts.

On the video, she shares helpful tips on how to cut your own hair, look stunningly gorgeous, save a few bucks – and it’s all DIY! 


Saturday, October 22, is another informative and fun ImeeSolusyon episode with one of Imee’s favorite chikahan partners – Juliana Parizcova-Segovia. 

On this special episode, Imee will talk to her loyal viewers and Juliana about the laws that she has written as a Senator. Here she will walk us through the process of writing a law – from its inception and inspiration all the way to the development it undergoes from being a proposed bill to becoming an actual law.   

Learn how to cut your own hair and discover the many laws that Senator Imee created for the people and subscribe to 

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