Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Carmela Lorzano, Grand Champion of Sing Galing Year 2 'Ultimate Bida-Oke Star'

INTENSE competition or 'paSINGlaban' took place in the recently concluded Sing Galing Year 2 'The Kantastic Finale' last Saturday, December 10 where the Echan-teen Diva of Batangas, Carmela Lorzano, hails as the new Ultimate Bida-Oke Star.

Carmela gave a powerful performance of "You're My World" in the first round, then they faced off in the Trio-Oke Round with the "Nightingale Medley" of Lani Misalucha songs with Joy Escalante and Rachelle Cardenas. 


In the last 'pasINGkatan', Carmela and Joy battled in Kantastic Showdown in a breathtaking mash-up of “Sabihin Mo Na” and “Hindi Tayo Pwede”.

Carmela won as Sing Galing Year 2 Grand Champion and she got a home and living essentials package, family staycation package, kaSULITbahay package, brand new car, and a whopping 1 million pesos!

It's also a Merry Christmas for the 'Kaawitbahay' because the 'kantawanan' is extended in Sing Galing Pasko-Oke Special. 

The entire Sing Galing Family brings two weeks full of singing, kaSINGyahan, gift giving, and a grand SINGlebrasyon. Genie also has Christmas presents for the 'Kaawitbahay', part of it are the five brand new motorcycles!

Christmas is 'SINGuradong' special in Sing Galing Pasko-Oke Special, so keep on watching Sing Galing every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 7PM, on TV5.

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