Sunday, December 18, 2022

HANFORD Announces Joseph Marco As The Newest Celebrity Endorser

MANSFIELD International, Inc., maker of HANFORD, the country’s premier and most trusted undergarment brand, welcomes Joseph Marco as the newest celebrity endorser in a contract signing at the Quezon City Head Office on December 15, 2022.

Present at the contract signing are Joseph Marco’s Talent Manager Mr. Laurenti Dyogi with Mansfield executives Mr. Victor Te - President, Ms. Sincerely Te - Vice President, Ms. Sheena Anne Te - Executive Vice President, and Ms. Ma. Theresa S. Benedicto - Sales and Marketing Manager.


Why did Hanford choose Joseph Marco as its newest celebrity endorser?

"Joseph Marco, who stands out with his awesome good looks, embodies the qualities of a Hanford man who is healthy, physically fit and a well-roundd person."

What qualities made Joseph Marco the next celebrity endorser of Hanford?

"Joseph Marco is a passionate and hardworking person. He is the complete package since he is an awarded actor, a talented singer-dancer, and a fashionable, energetic commercial model. The TV hunk, standing at 1.78 meters tall, also exudes confidence as he is comfortable in his own skin."


What products will he endorse?

"With his well-toned physique, Joseph Marco will promote the Hanford Premium collection that uses the latest top-of-the-line technology and the finest materials for utmost comfort, quality and durability. The Hanford Premium collection includes briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, shirts and sandos."

Kapamilya actor admitted that it has been his dream to have an underwear billboard hanging along EDSA.

"I told myself that one day I'm gonna be that person. Although, may mga billboards na rin ako, pero kapag nakakakita ako ng mga billboards na naka-brief lang, sabi ko, sana ako rin, magawa ko."

And at 34, his parents finally agreed to endorse an underwear for the first time. The hunk actor said, "I feel this is the perfect time to do this kind of endorsement, kaya tinaggap ko agad ang Hanford."

About Hanford:

Since 1954, HANFORD has been a well-loved family tradition that has been passed on from one generation to the next. When it comes to underwear, HANFORD has proven that after all these years, it still is the frontrunner. With its long, dependable history of excellence, clients can be assured that the brand they have grown to love can be trusted by future generations, too.

HANFORD is available in 3 different categories: PREMIUM for irresistible comfort, ATHLETIC FUNCTION for better athletic performance, and ICE for a more sophisticated underwear quality.


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