Thursday, December 15, 2022

Sen. Imee Marcos, The Certified 'Dakilang Ilokana' Goes Bargain Hunting In Europe

SENATOR Imee Marcos continues to share her European adventure as she takes her loyal Imeenatics to a unique expedition – Pinoy style – in another exciting travel vlog this weekend on her official YouTube Channel. 

Today, December 16, Sen. Imee goes shopping in Europe’s famous markets carrying a native 'bayong' as she surveys the cheapest deals and best buys in Brussels and London, the vintage stores of Paris, and the thrift shops and flower stalls in Amsterdam. 


The certified 'Dakilang Ilokana' is out to prove that maximum fun and excitement can be enjoyed even on a budget trip in Europe. On this episode, Imee also flexes the versatility of her multi-functional bayong while showcasing just how many items it could fit in the ultimate bang-for-your-buck shopping spree.


On Saturday, December 17, Borgy Manotoc returns with his mom as they enjoy a totally hilarious bonding session with each other as they show their rawest and most unfiltered reactions on the replies and comments of the Senator’s followers on her social media platforms. 

Discover the hidden shopping gems of Europe and laugh-out-loud with Imee and Borgy and subscribe to 

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