Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Venus Emperado Apas, Honored as Modern-Day Renaissance Woman; Continues Her Advocacy thru 'IpaTupad Partylist'


ALTHOUGH her IpaTupad Partylist was not lucky enough to win in the last election, this did not cause Venus Emperado Apas to stop her advocacy to help many of our countrymen.

 Venus Emperado Apas

Recently, Ms. Venus was honored as Modern-Day Renaissance Woman in Business Management and Leadership at the Netizen's Best Choice Awards held at the Okada Grand Ballroom. 

 Venus Emperado Apas

Her son, Roven Zeil Apas, and brother, Gielito Emperado (who manages their family-owned business, IC Construction, Inc.) was also honored.

Ms. Venus is a successful entrepreneur and she is also a government policy and program consultant. From her successful stint as a businesswoman in Singapore, she returned to the Philippines to build a business and use what she completed at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

 Roven Zeil Apas & Emperado Apas

During her time as a consultant in various government agencies, Ms. Venus eyes were opened. She saw  the various problems that our country is facing. 

That's why, she wants to share his success with our countrymen, especially the OFWs who are close to his heart.

 Venus Emperado Apas

We can expect more good things from Ms. Venus and her 'IpaTupad Partylist', whether there is an election or not, she will remain loyal to the goal of helping those in need without anything in return.

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