Monday, January 30, 2023

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo Share How They Keep Their 'Saya' Going

MUCH like an early Valentine’s Day treat for their millions of fans, value mobile brand TNT announced Daniel Padilla as its new endorser, joining his long-time reel and real-life partner Kathryn Bernardo as a katropa.

Having Kathniel - their loveteam moniker - as part of the TNT tropa means more opportunities to see them bring saya to their millions of fans and TNT subscribers nationwide.

With TNT, it is now easier than ever for Kathniel fans to keep their saya going anywhere they go - whether through watching and streaming hit KathNiel movies and series using Doble GIGA Videos+ 50, or staying abreast with the loveteam’s social media updates and sharing them with fellow fans using Doble GIGA Stories+ 50. 

In an exclusive Q&A with TNT, KathNiel explained what they are most looking forward to this 2023, their goals as a couple, and how grateful they are to KathNiel supporters, among other revelations.

What are your simple and practical ways to keep your saya going?

Daniel: Travel and spend time with Kath, eating together with my family and constant katropa friends.I also play golf and basketball.

Kathryn: I like to treat myself to some "me time" once in a while. Gusto ko sa free days ko pina-pamper ko yung sarili ko, which for me means spending time with my friends and family, and also surrounding myself with people around me who give me happiness. I like to appreciate the people around me and find happiness through them.

What do you look forward to this year?

Daniel: I hope to explore new projects and roles na di ko pa nagagawa. I also hope to be able to perform my music again to a live audience.

Kathryn: For 2023, I just want to continue learning new things. I just finished 2 Good 2 Be True but I feel like there's still a lot to be explored for me to improve my craft in acting, and I'm looking forward to trying new things that will challenge me. Second is to protect my peace. As much as possible, I choose my battles and find a way to protect that inner peace.

Do you have things you wish to improve professionally or with the businesses you may have off-camera?

Daniel: Career-wise, I want to do a series of new projects, new stories na di ko pa nagagawa, teleserye soon again after 2 Good 2 Be True and of course a good movie to watch out for ng mga fans and supporters namin. For my music, I want to perform again not virtually but with face-to-face audience.

Kathryn: Yes, always. As an actress, I constantly try new things that will challenge me. Even things that scare me! Gusto ko yung nachachallenge ako pero at the same time naeenjoy ko. I want to find a healthy balance as well when it comes to my work and personal life. Ayaw ko yung naooverwork ako, pero ayoko din na nag oover rest. So I'm trying to find that balance that works for me.

What are your couple goals this 2023 that your fans can look forward to?

Daniel: To continue saving up for my future and to do beautiful projects para sa mga loyal supporters namin ni Kath.

Kathryn: We have a lot of things lined up ni DJ for this year, pero ayaw namin na malimit na lagi kaming magkakasama sa isang project. We support each other's growth and we respect each other. Kahit hindi kami magkasama sa projects, I think the most important thing is that we always cheer on each other behind the scenes. 

For Daniel, how do you feel as the newest TNT katropa?

Daniel: I’m happy and grateful to TNT family dahil kami ni Kathryn ay katropa na.

For Kathryn, what are your tips for those who want to keep their saya going?

Kathryn: Try to find joy even in the smallest ways. I always do this, too. I appreciate the little things in life—playing with my dogs, reading a book, even watching videos during my spare time. With TNT, there are a lot of promos for subscribers, like Double Giga+ 50. These offers are affordable and flexible and will give you small doses of entertainment na important din to have in our life, plus getting updated about what's happening around us, or chatting with our friends online. 

What’s your message to all the KathNiel followers who have supported you all these years?

Daniel: Suportahan po natin ang TNT, and subscribe po sa aming mga campaigns na gagawin namin!

Kathryn: Never-ending thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Wala na kaming mahiling na anything from them kasi they've always been there supporting us sa mga projects namin ni DJ from the start. Like yung '2Good2BeTrue'', sobrang saya namin kasi minahal siya ng mga fans namin at forever kaming magiging grateful doon. They make everything worthwhile.

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