Saturday, May 27, 2023


INTERNATIONAL pop music sensation Jamie Miller has released his highly anticipated single “Maybe Next Time” via BMG. The soaring single details the aftermath of a major disappointment and the heartache that comes with it. Prior to release, the song garnered over 31K pre-saves and 15M views on TikTok. 

“This song marks a new chapter in my life, one where I’ve learned to trust myself and the journey I’m on. The lyrics delve into the heartache we’ve all felt in one way or another – the longing for a love that’s just out of reach,” shares Jamie. “I hope to share with my fans the belief that there’s always a chance for redemption and growth. Here’s to hoping that next time is the time we all find what we’re searching for.”

Alongside the track, Jamie shares the music video directed by Nayip Ramos (Camila Cabello, Charli D’Amelio, Post Malone). The video follows Jamie as he searches for a love lost.

Jamie Miller came from humble beginnings in working-class Wales and rose to prominence as a singer-songwriter in 2017. He has since achieved meteoric success with over 1 billion global streams and widespread acclaim from People, Billboard, The Huffington Post, and artists such as Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Sam Smith, Jennifer Hudson, BLACKPINK, and many others.



To date, the Los Angeles-based artist has released one EP, Broken Memories (2022), and a handful of singles. In 2021, his single “Here’s Your Perfect,” pushed him even further into the limelight earning over 300M streams and charting at number 100 on the Spotify Top 200 and number two on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Additionally, the hit single spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Global 200 EX Chart (#106) and spent two months in the Global Top 100 on YouTube Music (#37).

There is much more to come from Jamie Miller in the coming months!

Friday, May 26, 2023

“Unbreak My Heart” Starring Jodi, Richard, Gabbi, and Joshua Airs on TV on GMA, Online on, iWantTFC, and Viu

JODI Sta. Maria, Richard Yap, Gabbi Garcia, and Joshua Garcia push the bounds of forbidden love that may break the hearts of those they hold dear in “Unbreak My Heart,” the first collaboration of GMA Network and ABS-CBN Corporation with an ensemble cast led by their formidable stars.


The romantic-drama series premieres this May 29 on GMA Telebabad, Pinoy Hits, and I Heart Movies at 9:35 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, 11:25 PM on GTV, and it is also available on GMA Pinoy TV and TFC. 

It will also stream 48 hours before its TV broadcast in the Philippines on and iWantTFC, as well as in 16 territories outside of the Philippines on Viu beginning on May 27. 


Unbreak My Heart” follows the compelling story of Rose (Jodi), a woman who is desperate to heal her shattered heart and atone for her sins by rebuilding the family that she has lost. In her journey, she falls in love and gets entangled in a May-September love affair with the charming Renz (Joshua), an equally wounded soul who helps Rose fill the void in her heart. 

Later on, Renz falls in love with a young and beautiful girl named Alex (Gabbi), who sees Renz as her knight in shining armor and is willing to fight for her love for him. 


As Rose, Renz, and Alex get caught in a love triangle, their relationships will be thwarted with even more pain and suffering as their lives take a darker turn when Matt (Richard) meddles with their affairs in order to protect his family. 

Will Rose fight for Renz even if Alex is already in his life? Will Rose get the forgiveness she’s been longing for or will Matt make her face the consequences of her sins? 


Unbreak My Heart,” which was shot in the scenic locations of Switzerland, Italy, and the Philippines, is directed by Emmanuel Q. Palo and Dolly Dulu and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment. The series also stars industry veterans Laurice Guillen, Eula Valdes, Sunshine Cruz, Nikki Valdez, Romnick Sarmenta, and Victor Neri, with Dionne Monsanto, PJ Endrinal, Maey Bautista, Marvin Yap, and Mark Rivera, and up-and-coming young actors Will Ashley, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Bianca de Vera.

The official soundtrack of “Unbreak My Heart” will feature songs by Christian Bautista, Bey, and Moira dela Torre. 

Don’t miss the premiere of “Unbreak My Heart” on GMA Telebabad, Pinoy Hits, and I Heart Movies this May 29 at 9:35 PM, 11:25 PM on GTV, and stream it 48 hours before its TV broadcast this May 27 on, iWantTFC, and Viu. The series is also available on GMA Pinoy TV and TFC. 

Thursday, May 11, 2023

TikToker Yukii Takahashi, Gets Her Biggest Acting Break in Puregold Channel’s 'Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile'

STILL on its winning streak in the retailtainment sector, Puregold Channel is keeping more viewers across the country enthralled by its latest series on YouTube, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile.

  Yukii Takahashi

Smack dab in the middle of this engaging series is 21-year-old Tiktok sensation Yukii Takahashi, who plays Angge, the female lead. Yukii first started making videos on Tiktok in March 2022.  With her natural charm and humor, she soon amassed a whopping 8.2 million followers on the platform. This caught the eye of Cornerstone Entertainment, which signed her up not too long after.

 Yukii Takahashi

To date, Yukii has snagged various gigs in entertainment: she has  hosted the reality survival show “Top Class” and has released a single titled, “Bounce”.


“Discovering exceptional talents like Yukii and giving them the opportunity to shine is just one of the many joys and fulfillment while creating Puregold retailtainment content,” Ms. Ivy Piedad, Puregold Marketing Manager, says.

 Yukii Takahashi

Acknowledging that retailtainment is the future, Piedad affirms that Puregold Channel strives to provide quality entertainment to customers and viewers through captivating stories.


In Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, Yukii stars alongside actor, singer, and songwriter Wilbert Ross who plays Bryce, a video game enthusiast who has trouble navigating the dating scene. Angge then agrees to become Bryce's virtual wingwoman for a fee so she can help her brother pay their bills.

 Wilbert Ross

Episode three showed that the arrangement worked—Angge did help Bryce ‘connect’ with women. But proximity, as it happened, could breed intimacy. Viewers were left to to wonder: was romance brewing between Angge and Bryce? Were their feelings the real deal?

Wilbert Ross

In the upcoming fourth episode, viewers’ interest shift to Angge and Bryce as potential lovers. The fun and kilig kick in as they figure in kuwela scenes with the domineering Bessie, Bryce’s friends Genski and Ketch, and Chili Anne who had a secret crush on Bryce.

Wilbert Ross

With more fans and viewers thrilled by Bryce and Angge’s chemistry, and fascinated by the story’s twists and turns, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile is now a Saturday habit for many netizens.


Catch Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile’next episode on May 13, 7 p.m., on Puregold’s official YouTube Channel.

Watch the Episode 4 trailer below: 

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Maja Salvador and Awra Briguela Put Your Emoji Skills to the Test in TV5’s 'Emojination'

MANILA, Philippines — Game show lovers will get to wear their thinking caps once again as TV5, in collaboration with APT Productions, launches the newest addition to its line-up of original shows, Emojination!

Awra Briguela & Maja Salvador

Premiering on TV5 this May 14 at 5:00 PM, the new game show combines the fun of using emojis with engaging ways of winning big prizes. 

Emojination is the first game show of its kind, challenging celebrity contestants to decipher emoji puzzles and answer questions related to them. Hosted by award-winning actress, Her ‘Emojesty’ Maja Salvador, and Gen-Z rising artist, ‘Fezfriend’ Awra Briguela, the show's unique format is guaranteed to keep audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats.

Awra Briguela & Maja Salvador

The game show revolves around the use of emojis in three (3) rounds, with two (2) players on each opposing team. In the first round, called "Pic-Per-Word," contestants are shown four emojis that describe a mystery word and they need to decipher the word to beat their opponents. 

For the second round, called “Sabi Swabe,'' players must identify famous lines or phrases (presented through emojis) to get to the next round. 

For the third round where it gets physical, “A Pair to Remember,'' each team will have a flip board with 20 emoji blocks flipped backwards and the players need to run through an obstacle to get to their respective boards and flip the blocks to find the matching pair of emojis. 

The team with the most “Emoticoins” will proceed to the Jackpot round called, “Match Magaling” where the pairs’ teamwork will be more challenged as they try to get the 5 mystery compound words in 3 minutes. If the players successfully complete this round, they will be given a chance to bring home the jackpot prize worth P50,000. 

"Emojination is a fun and exciting game show that brings the universal language of emojis to life," said TV5 President and CEO Guido R. Zaballero.

"We are thrilled to offer this innovative new show to our viewers and we look forward to the excitement and laughter it brings to every Filipino home every weekend."

Awra Briguela & Maja Salvador

Join the emoji craze and win big prizes in Emojination, premiering on May 14, 5:00 PM, only on TV5.

For more information and updates, follow TV5’s official social media pages and visit the website at

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Before Donny Pangilinan: There is Anthony and Maricel

“ITO ang talagang usapang kaibigan,” Korina Interviews host Korina Sanchez-Roxas declares.

“Alam ninyo bang ako ang naka-discover kay Anthony?”

Korina recruited Anthony in the 90’s to be one of her co-hosts on the morning show Magandang Umaga Po in ABS-CBN.


And since marrying actress Maricel Laxa, Korina often consulted him about managing her staff as both Anthony and Maricel later became inspirational and motivational speakers, authors, and management consultants.

“Looking at how Maricel and Anthony managed their own lives, their marriage, pati ang pagpapalaki nila sa mga anak nila, wow… there’s a lot to talk about,” Korina says.

Korina says anyone who wants to learn about keeping a marriage together, raising five children and motivating them to excellence and individuality, and about managing one’s life should watch this episode.


“Siyempre hindi mawawala ang kilig factor sa love story nina Anthony and Maricel.”

”He was to be just my next victim. Today tinitingnan ko si Anthony and I tell myself, I'm still in love with this guy,” says a gushing Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan while giggling.

“The most important thing you can teach your child is to value himself or herself. Kapag alam ng bata ang kahalagahan niya, lahat na ng tagumpay kasunod na,” says Anthony.

The Pangilinans are parents to Ella who is soon to wed; Benjamin a champion athlete and songwriter; Donny a star influencer, actor, and businessman; Hannah a motivational and training coach; and Solana the youngest at 13 who read 400 books during the pandemic.

Anthony and Maricel are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with Korina Interviews on Net 25 this Sunday at 5 pm after the romantic comedy Goodwill.
Catch up on your favorite Korina Interview on the YouTube Channel Rated Korina Plus at

Friday, May 5, 2023

The Making of GMA Network’s “Voltes V: Legacy”


BEING the most expensive and biggest TV production to date of GMA Network, “Voltes V: Legacy” has definitely faced several challenges before its much-anticipated world premiere this May 8.


The country’s biggest series this 2023 is headlined by no less than five of Sparkle’s sought-after artists: Kapuso Ultimate Heartthrob Miguel Tanfelix as Steve Armstrong, Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson, Radson Flores as Mark Gordon, Raphael Landicho as Little Jon Armstrong, and Matt Lozano as Big Bert Armstrong.

GMA’s Assistant Vice President for Drama Helen Rose S. Sese highlighted how the show began its production at the height of the pandemic in 2020, “Nag-start kami mag-shoot noong simula ng pandemic, naka-lock in kami. Imagine ‘yung threat ng COVID-19 at that time and ‘yung gastos ng Network na lahat kami naka-lock in. Dagdag pa ‘yung mahigpit na protocols na kailangang sundin.”


Sese also revealed that the team had to make significant adjustments such as with the character of Little Jon, “Three years kaming magkakasama. Si Little Jon (Raphael) maliit pa noon. Tatlong beses kaming nagpagawa ng costume niya at isa ‘yun sa malaking challenge na pinagdaanan ng production kasi hindi pwedeng mag-shoot noon ang minor.”

“We had to finish all the sequences without him. There were meetings pa kung papalitan ba si Little Jon, but no. Nanindigan kami. May hope kami na huhupa ang COVID-19 and thank God dahil natapos namin ang project na ito,” Sese added.


Moreover, the GMA executive reminisced the personal sacrifices of the production team just to put up a grand and phenomenal series like “Voltes V: Legacy.” But at the end, Sese reiterated that everything has paid off.


According to her, “We sacrificed a lot of our time. ‘Yung times na we’d be spending with our families, wala kami do’n. But I’m not complaining because this is such a legacy project and I’m really proud na sa amin ito napunta because tangay na namin ito forever. Credits to the team behind me na never sumuko sa lahat ng challenges.”

Furthermore, Sese expressed her gratitude for the trust of GMA Network, “We’re very thankful sa Network kasi ang dami naming pinagdaanan na additional taping days just to finish this. I’m very thankful for the support of the Network to come up with such a good project.”


The live action series is produced by GMA Network in partnership with Toei Company, Ltd. and Telesuccess Productions Inc.


Acclaimed local animators from GMA’s Post Video Graphics and Audio team and Riot Inc. handled the program’s heavy CGI and other visual effects.

“Voltes V: Legacy” is produced by the award-winning GMA Entertainment Group headed by Senior Vice President Lilybeth G. Rasonable; Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; Assistant Vice President for Drama Helen Rose Sese; and Executive Producer Darling Pulido-Torres.


The highly-talented creative team behind this world-class live action adaptation is composed of Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Content Development Consultant Ricky Lee; Senior Creative Consultant RJ Nuevas; Creative Consultant Denoy Navarro-Punio; Head Writer Suzette Doctolero; and Writers/Brainstormers Liberty Trinidad-VillaromanJake Somera, and Loi Argel Nova


Starting this May 8, Kapuso viewers can finally join the five heroes and their machines in the highly-anticipated “Voltes V: Legacy,” – under the helm of esteemed director Mark Reyes – weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on GMA Telebabad and at 9:40 p.m. on GTV.


Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV. 


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