Thursday, May 11, 2023

TikToker Yukii Takahashi, Gets Her Biggest Acting Break in Puregold Channel’s 'Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile'

STILL on its winning streak in the retailtainment sector, Puregold Channel is keeping more viewers across the country enthralled by its latest series on YouTube, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile.

  Yukii Takahashi

Smack dab in the middle of this engaging series is 21-year-old Tiktok sensation Yukii Takahashi, who plays Angge, the female lead. Yukii first started making videos on Tiktok in March 2022.  With her natural charm and humor, she soon amassed a whopping 8.2 million followers on the platform. This caught the eye of Cornerstone Entertainment, which signed her up not too long after.

 Yukii Takahashi

To date, Yukii has snagged various gigs in entertainment: she has  hosted the reality survival show “Top Class” and has released a single titled, “Bounce”.


“Discovering exceptional talents like Yukii and giving them the opportunity to shine is just one of the many joys and fulfillment while creating Puregold retailtainment content,” Ms. Ivy Piedad, Puregold Marketing Manager, says.

 Yukii Takahashi

Acknowledging that retailtainment is the future, Piedad affirms that Puregold Channel strives to provide quality entertainment to customers and viewers through captivating stories.


In Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, Yukii stars alongside actor, singer, and songwriter Wilbert Ross who plays Bryce, a video game enthusiast who has trouble navigating the dating scene. Angge then agrees to become Bryce's virtual wingwoman for a fee so she can help her brother pay their bills.

 Wilbert Ross

Episode three showed that the arrangement worked—Angge did help Bryce ‘connect’ with women. But proximity, as it happened, could breed intimacy. Viewers were left to to wonder: was romance brewing between Angge and Bryce? Were their feelings the real deal?

Wilbert Ross

In the upcoming fourth episode, viewers’ interest shift to Angge and Bryce as potential lovers. The fun and kilig kick in as they figure in kuwela scenes with the domineering Bessie, Bryce’s friends Genski and Ketch, and Chili Anne who had a secret crush on Bryce.

Wilbert Ross

With more fans and viewers thrilled by Bryce and Angge’s chemistry, and fascinated by the story’s twists and turns, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile is now a Saturday habit for many netizens.


Catch Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile’next episode on May 13, 7 p.m., on Puregold’s official YouTube Channel.

Watch the Episode 4 trailer below: 

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