Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Elha Nympha Goes From Chasing Her Dreams, To Helping Others Spark Their Own

AT the young age of 11, Elha Nympha made her dreams come true by winning the second season of The Voice Kids Philippines, one of the most watched reality singing competitions on television. 

Now at 19, the young artist just launched a new track titled "Spark the Dream" which brings inspiration to listeners to realize their fullpotential and make their aspirations a reality.


Listen to it now: [Embed Spotify Link:]

"Spark the Dream" is also the official theme song of JA SparktheDream, a financial program for kids launched by FWD Life Insurance, in partnership with Junior Achievements of the Philippines (JA Philippines), which aims to teach students from all over the country about financial literacy and empower them to be positive contributors in their communities.

While the track inspires students to chase their goals, it also aims to bring out a more relatable story of every Filipino who wants to fulfill their dreams and maximize their opportunities. Sharing how the song resonates with her personal journey, Elha maintains that despite fulfilling one of her dreams, she still considers herself adreamer. 

She explains, “It’s an anthem [that you listen to] kapag down na down ka at gusto mong mabuhayan ulit then you have this song. You can sing it and get inspired so you can believe in yourself.”

When asked which part of the song is her favorite, Elha shares, “There’s this line in the song it says, ‘Wake up now, I believe in us. Let’s make this dream a reality’. I think that’s the most powerful line.”

As a professional artist, Elha now welcomes new opportunities. But she recalls that when her father died nine years ago, she and her family had to make ends meet by selling banana-cues. 

“Bente pesos lang yung kitain ko, masaya na ko doon. Ang laki na nun for me! Pero narealize ko yung halaga ng pera because, of course, you have to buy the necessities but ang mahal ng mga bilihin.”


But despite the hardships, singing has helped her come through thanks to the help of her mom and aunt who taught her singing techniques and developed her talent.

Which is why when she auditioned for The Voice Kids eight years ago, she held on to her dream to become a well-known singer and perhaps inspire others.

Elha acknowledges that despite her rise as an artist, going through the process will not always be easy. 

“Deep inside we still have a lot of struggles, especially mentally. However, I want everyone to know that while I started from zero, I am still working towards reaching one hundred,” says Elha, referring to her journey towards success.

The young artist also reveals that she allots a percentage of her earnings to give back to her family and community to share the fruits of her labor. 

“I have this thing na when I get my paycheck, at least 5% of that will be donated to our church or we’ll organize a feeding program with the help of my fans. In my family naman, since I’m the breadwinner, pinapaaral ko rin yung three siblings ko.”'

Not forgetting her roots, Elha hopes that her story, new song, and the JA SparktheDream program will be able to inspire more kids to learn the value of money and financial skills as she thinks that would help them to be smarter with their choices. 

“As a 19-year-old na nangarap din before, the kids who will be a part of this [program] are going to be super lucky! So, maximize it and don’t waste it kasi it’s free!” Elha concludes while laughing.

Listen now to "Spark the Dream" by Elha Nympha via Spotify and Apple Music. Read more about the JA SparktheDream program via their website.

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