Monday, February 5, 2024

SPEEd's '7th EDDYS' to honor 2023 Box Office Heroes'


THE Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd) has announced the addition of a special award for the 7th edition of its annual film event, The Eddys (Entertainment Editors’ Choice for Movies). 

The event, slated for July, aims to celebrate the "box office heroes" of 2023 – actors who played a crucial role in reviving cinema attendance after the pandemic challenges.

This year, The Eddys will present awards to the lead stars of the highest-grossing films that successfully attracted audiences back to cinemas, marking a significant comeback for the film sector. 

“With our new award, 'The Eddys Box Office Heroes,' we want to honor the stars of films that brought audiences back to theaters," said SPEEd president Salve Asis, entertainment editor of Pilipino Star Ngayon and Pang Masa. 

“We at SPEEd believe this recognition will encourage film production entities to create movies that are both commercially viable and impactful."

"By acknowledging the contributions of those who helped revive cinema attendance, SPEEd aims to inspire the industry to continue producing films that captivate and engage viewers," Asis added.

The Eddys is an annual event that honors filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, workers, and producers in the Philippine film industry. 

SPEEd is a non-profit organization whose members and officers are the entertainment editors of national broadsheets, top tabloids, and leading online portals. 

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