Thursday, February 29, 2024


BE inspired with stories of hope, resilience, and modern day “bayanihan” in the newest public service program “Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko” premiering Sunday (March 3) on GMA.

Hosting the show are the newest faces of public service: TV personalities Gelli de Belen, Patricia Tumulak, and Sherilyn Reyes-Tan. Joining them is Manoy himself, former businessman and now public servant, Agri Party-list Rep. Wilbert T. Lee.

According to Manoy Wilbert, “Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko” will “feature real life stories of our kababayans that will surely inspire us to work hard, persevere in life, and never lose hope.” 

“Whatever problems we are facing, we can get through it with a little help from the community and from our countrymen––who, deep down, care about others.”

Agri Party-list Rep. Wilbert T. Lee

Veteran actress and host Gelli De Belen, for her part, shared that “the help that the beneficiaries of the show need is beyond the usual food or financial aid; what they need is something that will really help them earn a living and sustain them in the long run.”

Every week the show will feature two beneficiary groups, with hosts Patricia and Sherilyn going onsite to learn about the concerns of the beneficiaries firsthand.

Gelli De Belen

“Sometimes they just want to feel that they are seen and heard, so listening to them is already a form of help. But of course, we don't stop there. We thoroughly study their cases, and we try to provide solutions for their concerns,” explained Patricia.

Patricia Tumulak

Sherilyn pointed out that “we want to go beyond solving their immediate problems… we also want to give them hope by providing opportunities to support themselves in the long-term.”

Sherilyn Reyes-Tan

For its pilot telecast, Manoy Wilbert together with Gelli, Patricia and Sherilyn will tackle the challenges faced by onion farmers in Pangasinan, as well as those encountered by volunteer sea guardians in Orani, Bataan.

Sherilyn, Gelli, Manoy Wilbert & Patricia

Don’t miss “Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko” premiering this Sunday (March 3), 7 AM, on GMA. For more updates, follow @simanoyangninongko on Facebook or @AngNinongKo on Tiktok and Instagram.

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