Thursday, December 29, 2022

GLOBE Delivers Immersive Concert Experience at 2022 Head in the Clouds Music & Arts Fest

GLOBE brought the concert experience to new heights at the 2022 Head in the Clouds Music & Arts Festival, which took place in Manila for the first time and featured an impressive lineup of curated Asian talent from 88rising.


Other than the main stage, the OneGlobe Dreamtopia booth was the heart of the festival, providing attendees with a unique and immersive experience. From there, festival-goers got to claim their tyvek band and visit different Globe product booths – completing engaging activities and earning stamps along the way to win special items and raffle tickets.

For Globe subscribers, the fun didn't stop there. By showing the GlobeOne App, they received an additional 10% off on HITC merchandise. Non-subscribers also got in on the action by donating to the Hapag Movement hunger alleviation program and receiving a raffle entry in return.


"At Globe, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our consumers. That's why we created the OneGlobe Dreamtopia booth, filled with immersive activities and exciting prizes. We believe that this added layer of engagement enhanced our concertgoers' overall experience and made it even more memorable for them," said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Chief Marketing Officer at Globe.


During the two-day event, prepaid customers were able to play and explore the Virtual Hangouts Quest and GoREELS booths for a chance to win gadgets and HITC merchandise inside the vault. They also had access inside the Virtual Hangouts Metaverse art installation to make creative edits of their interaction with the cloud visuals in the booth.

The Globe Rewards area invited customers to donate to the Hapag Movement hunger alleviation program using their Globe Rewards or GCash at the Rewards Game Arena to play for prizes in the claw machine or the Gudi bow and arrow game. 

At the Globe Platinum space, customers got to see and take a photo with the special mural artwork created by renowned street artist Distort Monsters. Showcased beside this masterpiece are wearable art selections from the collaboration of Globe Platinum and Distort Monsters - a premium apparel collection, made exclusively for Platinum customers, but was accessed by the VIP attendees for HITC.


The Globe At Home booth, meanwhile, provided a Chill Haven for visitors to lounge in the clouds and snap a creative selfie to post on Facebook. The most number of likes won P5,000 GCash. Additionally, visitors enjoyed a singing game, where a Questuner sang all tunes in the booth for one minute while the rest of the group members tried to guess the titles.


The Globe Postpaid Living It! Hotspot provided exclusive perks such as free drinks, festival kit, and official HITC merch for Globe Postpaid customers who have downloaded the GlobeOne App and signed up to Living It! There was also an aesthetic photo booth and lounge area where they could chill and enjoy all throughout the event.


As the main presenter of HITC Manila, Globe gave more fans an opportunity to be part of the much-awaited event by offering a limited two-day General Admission ticket for only P6,888 from its original price of P12,888.


In 2020, Globe and 88rising teamed up to elevate Filipino talent through the local label Paradise Rising, which serves as a platform to expand the presence of Philippine artists in the US. Paradise Rising is now part of the music division of KROMA, Globe’s tradigital entertainment company passionate about creators, talent, content, and technology.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Up Close and Personal with Bataan District 1 Representative Geraldine Roman

CATCH the year-end edition of Bataan District 1 Representative Geraldine Roman You Tube vlog, GERALDINE ROMANTIK, as she answers up close and personal a set of 25 curious  questions. 


For instance, “Alin ang mas gugustuhin mo, higit na katalinuhan, higit na karakter o higit pang hitsura?” (What would you rather have, more intelligence, more character or more looks?)

Ano ang pinaka matapang na bagay na nagawa mo sa buong buhay mo? (What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done in your entire life?)

Ano ang pinakamalungkot na araw ng iyong buhay? (What was the saddest day of your life?)

Ano ang paborito mong recipe ng pamilya? (What’s your most favorite family recipe?)

Ano ang iyong pinakamasayang alaala sa pagkabata? (What is your fondest childhood memory?)


Ano ang pinakabaliw na bagay na nagawa mo sa ngalan ng pag-ibig? (What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?)

Mayroon bang anumang bagay na nais mong bumalik sa uso? (Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?)

Ano ang iyong ginagawa upang mapanatiling malusog ang iyong sarili? (What do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy?)

Kailan ka huling umiyak? Bakit? (When was the last time you cried? Why?)

Anong kanta ang masasabi mong si Geraldine yun?
(What song would you say best sums you up?)


Kung mabibigyan ka ng superpower for one day, ano ito? (If you could have one superpower for a day, what would it be?)

Ano ang paborito mong Christmas tradition ng pamilya? (What is your favorite family Christmas holiday tradition?)

Kung ilalarawan mo ang iyong sarili bilang isang hayop, alin ito? (If you have to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?)

Ano ang pinakagusto mo? (What are you most passionate about?)

Ano ang iyong pinakanatatanging yaman? (What is your most prized possession?)

Sino ang iyong celebrity crush of all time? (Who is your celebrity crush of all time?)

Ano ang pinakakatakutan mo? (What’s your biggest fear?)

Ano ang masamang ugali mo na nagawa mong malampasan? (What’s a bad habit you had that you’ve been able to overcome?)

Ano ang paborito mong pagkain? (What’s your favorite food of all time?)

Ano ang iyong pinakamalaking panghihinayang sa buhay? (What’s your biggest regret?)

Anong kulay ang pinakamahusay na naglalarawan sa iyo, bakit? (What color best describes you, why?)

Ano ang pinaka hindi malilimutang regalo na natanggap mo? (What was the most memorable gift you have ever received?)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Senator Imee Marcos’ Special Christmas Vlog, Heartwarning And A Bit Controversial?

IT’S truly the most wonderful time of the year and everybody is buzzing about Senator Imee Marcos’ special Christmas vlog streaming for free at her official YouTube channel on December 23. 

Thousands of Imeenatics and netizens are on their feet guessing what the content is all about. Insiders say that the vlog will be both heartwarming and a bit controversial with Imee’s signature wit and humor at the center of everything, giving everyone a much-needed and feel-good holiday cheer. 

On Christmas Eve, December 24, celebrate the holidays with the Senator as she does her gift-giving rounds in Quezon, Batangas, and Manila where she bonds with the people, young and old, while distributing presents and goodies. 

Spend the holidays with Imee and gear-up for her soon-to-be trending Christmas vlog and subscribe to 

'TikTalks': Talk-of-the-town, Slightly Controversial, Certified Hilarious

THIS is the most unique talk show on television today. Truly different from the rest. 

“Well, we designed it that way – that it be different. Real talk. Real people representing different tribes. No holds barred. Kaya edit nalang kami nang edit, hahaha,” laughs co-producers Korina Sanchez-Roxas and Jojie Dingcong of Media Kweens, Inc., creators of the new TV5 and OneCIGNALPH talk show TikTalks. 


“Korina is a multi-awarded, veteran broadcast journalist – a true newswoman. G3 San Diego is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and speaks boldly about being a transwoman. 

"PatP Daza is a single mom, working to raise her kids as a radio commentator and TV host. Kakai Bautista is an opinionated singer-actress-comedienne who will suddenly burst into song. And Alex Calleja is a comedic genius – he is a writer, director, and successful stand-up comedian, the only male in the group,” describes Dingcong. 

The show talks about anything and everything in your head you might want to talk about: are men really allowed to cheat more than women?; why do Pinoys like fair skin and a lot are opting for a nose surgery?; and why do we still slaughter and eat dogs in this country? 

These are just a few of the topics not usually talked about openly and on mainstream media. 

Also, take note of the Christmas special on TikTalks! 

Real talk amongst  Korina, Kakai, G3, PatP, and Alex on TikTalks! 

Why are people spending too much on Christmas? Is Christmas really about materialism?

Are godparents really obliged to give gifts every year?

You’re lonely this Christmas because you’re single? What to do? 

The gang is talking about everything you are thinking of! 

Stay tuned on the discussions, laughter, and debates on TikTalks’ Christmas special this Saturday, December 24 (7:30 pm) on TV5; 8:00 pm on OnePH; and on Radyo 5 92.3 News FM.

Eavesdrop with the TikTalks gang and experience a different kind of Christmas!

Meantime, if you haven’t caught the first three episodes of this latest latest, newest talk show that everybody is talking about, you can watch the previous episodes on my Korina Sanchez-Roxas’ Rated Korina Plus YouTube channel!

TikTalks Ep 1

TikTalks Ep 2

TikTalks Ep 3

Watch now and join the conversation!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Venus Emperado Apas, Honored as Modern-Day Renaissance Woman; Continues Her Advocacy thru 'IpaTupad Partylist'


ALTHOUGH her IpaTupad Partylist was not lucky enough to win in the last election, this did not cause Venus Emperado Apas to stop her advocacy to help many of our countrymen.

 Venus Emperado Apas

Recently, Ms. Venus was honored as Modern-Day Renaissance Woman in Business Management and Leadership at the Netizen's Best Choice Awards held at the Okada Grand Ballroom. 

 Venus Emperado Apas

Her son, Roven Zeil Apas, and brother, Gielito Emperado (who manages their family-owned business, IC Construction, Inc.) was also honored.

Ms. Venus is a successful entrepreneur and she is also a government policy and program consultant. From her successful stint as a businesswoman in Singapore, she returned to the Philippines to build a business and use what she completed at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

 Roven Zeil Apas & Emperado Apas

During her time as a consultant in various government agencies, Ms. Venus eyes were opened. She saw  the various problems that our country is facing. 

That's why, she wants to share his success with our countrymen, especially the OFWs who are close to his heart.

 Venus Emperado Apas

We can expect more good things from Ms. Venus and her 'IpaTupad Partylist', whether there is an election or not, she will remain loyal to the goal of helping those in need without anything in return.

Globe Welcomes Kumu to #UniteVsHunger with the 'Hapag Movement'


GLOBE welcomes Kumu, the largest Pinoy social entertainment app, as its new partner joining the Hapag Movement.


The alliance marks the Hapag Movement's first official digital platform collaboration, providing an additional channel for its #UniteVsHunger campaign to raise awareness about food insecurity, and make it easier for people to send support to those in need.


"Our vision behind the Hapag Movement is to bring nation-builders together to achieve sustainable and inclusive development, leveraging technology to democratize their ability to help.  With Kumu signing up as our first-ever digital and social platform partner, we can scale the reach of the campaign, uniting more Filipinos across the world to stand behind this worthy cause," said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

 Globe and Kumu ink partnership in support of the Hapag Movement:
Diana Dayao, Head of CSR for Kumu; Victoria Herrera, VP of Marketing for Kumu;
Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer; and Apple Evangelista, Head of Sustainability for Globe.

Proudly Filipino-made, Kumu has become the largest Pinoy social entertainment app since it launched in 2018.  It embodies the warmth and fun-loving spirit of Filipinos, amplified by its unique innovations in livestreaming and social media. The current estimate for Kumu is more than 15 million app downloads globally and around 60 million livestreams watched per month.


"From Day 1, Kumu's mission has always been to champion Filipino voices from across the world. We are honored to mobilize our platform in support of the Hapag Movement and share its vision of uplifting Filipino lives through supplemental feeding and livelihood. With our large overseas Filipino user base, we know the Filipino diaspora will be moved to lend a hand to kababayans in need," said Diana Dayao, Kumu’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility.


The partnership between Globe and Kumu was formalized after the successful run of GMusicFest on Kumu in September this year as part of Globe’s GDay celebration. It mobilized Kumu users to donate Kumu diamonds during the GMusicFest stream to support the Hapag Movement’s cause.


Being the leading purveyor of digital services, Globe leverages technology's influence and power to drive social good. It acknowledges that the fight against hunger is a formidable undertaking requiring collaboration across various sectors.


The Hapag Movement helps address the problem of involuntary hunger and joblessness affecting millions of low-income Filipinos by connecting multi-sectoral partners and mobilizing local and international donations from multiple sources.


"The Hapag Movement is lifting barriers for people who want to help our beneficiary communities in need. In the same way, we are lifting the barriers for families experiencing hunger to make a viable living through the livelihood training we provide," Crisanto said.


The advocacy’s community support includes food distribution programs in the most disadvantaged communities, capacity-building sessions for upskilling and micro-entrepreneurship, provision of seed capital through microlending to jumpstart livelihood activities, and access to employment opportunities via partner companies.


Aside from Kumu, Globe customers and partners may send their donations to the Hapag Movement using GCash, Globe Rewards via the GlobeOne app, and credit cards through the Globe of Good website.


To learn more about Globe, visit


TAKE a trip to Bangkok, Thailand with Bataan District 1 Representative Geraldine Roman as she shares with us highlights of her recent participation as Head of House Delegation to the 30th Asia Pacific Parliamentarians Forum. 

"Dumalo rin ang inyong lingkod sa Women Parliamentary Sessions upang pag-usapan ang mga hakbang sa pag-asenso ng kababaihan matapos ang COVID-19. The 5-day working trip consisted of 16-hour working days that went by smoothly like a breeze at the world famous Chao Phrya River in that city."  

In her own words: “Nitong October 29 ay tinalakay at inaprubahan ng Working Group Meeting of APPF Women Parliamentarians ang dalawang resolusyon tungo sa pag-unlad ng kababaihan post-COVID19:
   "Empowering Women to Cope with Future Crises."
 "Strengthening Women's Participation in Post-COVID19 Economic Recovery." 

"Pagyamanin ang kaalaman, at paigtingin ang partisipayon sa usapang ekonomiya.
"Yan ang sagot sa sabay-sabay na pag-unlad. Agree?"

Catch the latest edition of her You Tube vlog,  GERALDINE ROMANTIK, set to drop on today, December 21, at 7 p.m.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Pinoy Pride: Sofia Frank, '2022 Asian Open Figure Skating' Gold Medalist

FILIPINO Figure Skater Sofia Lexi Jacqueline Frank brought honor to the country after snatching the highly-coveted gold medal in the recently concluded 2022 Asian Open Figure Skating competition that was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is the latest achievement of a Filipino athlete as Frank is currently the highest scoring ISU Female athlete in the Philippines while being a two-time Junior World Figure Skating competitor.

Frank’s victory in Indonesia is instrumental in the adoption of Senate Resolution No. (SRN) 360 that was introduced by Senator Bong Revilla, which recognizes and congratulating Frank for her impressive performance at the annual figure skating competition.

According to Revilla, Frank bested 8 other competitors during the contest which earned her the gold medal.

"Sofia's latest victory I am more proud to be a Filipino. Truly, our Filipino players are not only considered world-class athletes but also world-class champions," Revilla said in his co-sponsorship speech. 

Frank, Revilla added, bagged the gold medal after scoring 50.19 points in the Short Program Segment and 93.78 points in the Free Skating, garnering a total of 143.97 points in the Senior Women category.

The senator added that he would not be surprised if Frank would one day represent and become the first Filipino gold medalist in the Winter Olympics.

"Sofia, continue soaring high. We are so proud of you. Long live the Filipino athletes," he added.

Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva also expressed his gratitude to Frank for her outstanding performance during the figure skating competition and for showing the world-class ability of Filipino skaters. 

"The exceptional performance of Sofia Frank at the 2022 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy is a testament to the perseverance, excellence, and world-class talent of Filipino skaters," Villanueva added.

Frank, apart from her recent victory, also represented the country in different international figure skating competitions such as the World Junior Figure Skating Championship, challenger series Finlandia Trophy, Colorado Spring Invitational and the US International Figure Skating Classic wherein she received outstanding distinctions.

Frank started skating at the age of three and was trained by Natasha Adler De Guzman and Quida Robins for 10 years until she was taken under the wing of world-renowned Olympic coach Tammy Gambill where she competed at the Junior-Senior level of in United States Figure Skating and International Selection Pool.

Currently Frank is undergoing rigorous training in time for the 2024 Winter Olympics in Paris, France in which she will represent the country in its Figure Skating competition.

Today, Frank is in the Philippines for the Carols On Ice fundraising gala of Philippine Skating Union (PHSU).

PHSU is the National Sports Association managing figure and speed skating in the Philippines. The organization is committed to help Filipino elite athletes an aspiring skaters reach their full potential through training while opening doors for them to compete in the international arena.

Carols On Ice is happening on Dec. 21 (Wednesday 8pm) at SM Mall Of Asia’s skating rink. This show is organized by PHSU in collaboration with SM Skating. 

This year’s theme is “Journey To A Dream” and the event features Frank along with other skaters performing to current chart-toppers, standards, OPM hits, and homegrown Christmas tunes to spruce up the holiday spirit.

Carols On Ice also aims to nurture and expand awareness for ice skating in the Philippines. This event is an opportunity for young athletes to grow and give back to the sport by showcasing their talent, skills, and passion here in their homeland.