Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A star-studded birthday celebREItion: Beautéderm Founder and Chairman Rhea Tan continues to Shine!

Beautéderm founder and chairman Rhea Tan expressed gratitude to her celebrity endorsers and media friends for their support. 

Present during the birthday celebration and thanksgiving event were Bea Alonzo, Maja Salvador, Enchong Dee, Rayver Cruz, Sanya Lopez, Jane Oineza, and Glydel Mercado.


Thia Thomalla, Kakai Bautista, Ysabel Ortega, Thou Reyes, DJ JhaiHo, DJ Cha Cha, KitKat, Ynez Veneracion, Maricel Morales, Rochelle Barrameda, Jimwell Stevens, VG Alex Castro, Sunshine Garcia, Anne Feo, Coun. Ervic Vijandre, Darla Suller, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan, Ryle Santiago, Gillian Vicencio, Luke Mejares were also present, expressing their love for the business mogul.

“My heart is full. I am so blessed to have such precious friends, family, and colleagues. They really made my day special,” the business magnate expressed.

Thanking her media friends who attended the celebration, Tan said, “It's definitely been a birthday to remember. Pagpupugay din ito sa mga kaibigan sa media dahil sa tulong nila sa Beautéderm. I am forever grateful.”


Tan’s empire is still celebrating its 14th anniversary. The female entrepreneur thanked the consumers.

“We are a brand that goes beyond what you can see. Beautéderm gives confidence, helps people, and shifts lives. Dahil sa suporta ng consumers, patuloy kaming magpapaganda at magpapabago ng buhay,” she shared.


Beautéderm is currently one of the leading beauty and wellness brands in the country, makingevery Filipino beautéful. Tan also owns BlancPro, BeautéHaus, Beauté Beanery, A-List Avenue, and AKStudios.


She ended, “As we age, we become wiser and better. We also become more aware of our surroundings and the reality that not everyone will applaud us but we should power through anyway. Show them the power of authenticity and humility. And the takeaway in this celebration is that you show up sincerely.”


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Newest 'INSPI Collection' Inspired by its Creators

INSPI Philippines is thrilled to introduce its latest collection, a stunning ensemble of fashionable pieces that are sure to captivate fashion enthusiasts and creators nationwide. 

Inspi launched its newest collection with the event entitled: Inspi Creators Night last November 17, 2023 through a get-together party and runway. The event is all about celebrating individualism, expressionism, and the influential voices that help drive it forward.

Inspi’s influencers, creators, and affiliates play a crucial role in showcasing the latest trends and have brought to life the Inspi masterpieces on the runway. There are different stylings from casual chic, streetwear aura, and to a high-fashion look, definitely, each one of them has styled up with their own personality. 

These influencers, creators, and affiliates made Inspi their go-to fashion brand whenever and wherever they are. They have been the voices of Inspi, which in turn have helped them find great opportunities through its products.

Making Inspi the go-to fashion brand, the new collection has set another record by showing a perfect blend of creativity, innovation, and high-quality craftsmanship. Inspi product development team has poured their expertise into creating these exquisite clothing that embody the latest trends and showcase its creators’ unique style. 

With a diverse range of designs and colors, there is something more exciting for everyone in this new collection. Whether you are seeking a sophisticated look for a special occasion or a casual yet chic outfit for everyday wear, Inspi's new collection has it all.

It is perfect for individuals who are looking to make a bold statement, promote a specific mood, or simply showcase their fashion creativity. From eye-catching graphics to specific statements, these wearable canvases allow you to express your style and captivate attention wherever you go. 

Inspi have really become a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe and have explored endless possibilities to offer.

Truly, the creative Inspi canvases show freedom of self-expression and allow each and every individual to showcase their passions, interests, and creativity. These pieces will make you stand out giving you the freedom to make a statement and display your unique identity to the world. 

Inspi Philippines is excited to bring these extraordinary pieces to its valued customers and cannot wait to see the incredible fashion statements they will make with the Creators collection.

Visit Inspi Philippines social media pages to see the new collection:




Thursday, November 23, 2023

Puregold Channel's 'My Plantito' Cast Led by Kych & Michael Responds to Ultimate Fan Reactions

DAYS after Puregold Channel’s My Plantito wrapped up its wildly popular series on Tiktok, fans were still feeling heady from the emotional rollercoaster ride that was Charlie and Miko's love journey. 

Without a doubt, the show captivated viewers not just for its adorable boy-love narrative, but also for weaving in plot twists that dealt with relatable themes such as family, friendship, and meaningful life lessons.

Kych Minemoto & Michael Ver

My Plantito presented the heartwarming tale of aspiring content creator Charlie (Kych Minemoto) and his handsome neighbor, the young businessman and plantito Miko (Michael Ver). Through intriguing turns, wrong decisions, and kilig moments, followers eagerly awaited the answer they had craved for from the start: would Charlie and Miko get their happy ending?

In total, My Plantito episodes garnered an impressive 52.4 million views on Puregold Channel’s Tiktok and YouTube platforms.

As the series finale came to a head, My Plantito fans savored a satisfying conclusion to the beautiful narrative. Here’s what they had to say, and how some cast members reacted to them.

Kych Minemoto & Devi Descartin

Bianca’s Controversial Advice

One character who stirred the pot and got tongues wagging on TikTok and YouTube was Bianca (Devi Descartin), Charlie's best friend. Some fans were furious, blaming her for steering Charlie in the wrong direction more than once. Comments from the fandom expressed their frustration:

"Ah, Bianca! Wrong again. And again. And again. Please send her to Botswana and have her bring back some exotic plants . . . two years from now." - @gnirolnamlerf593

"Only a friend like 'Bianca' is enough to destroy your peace of mind and to get delusional thoughts." - @user-um7to8rj6o

However, not everyone was quick to cancel Bianca. Some fans appreciated the complexity of her character:

"Bianca, she is a toxic friend but at the same time a caring soul." - @Joe.Ortega

"I don't know that girl; but for me, she isn't toxic. She's just being real. She's telling the truth that her best friend should prioritize work. Goals first." - @joeverclarion7813

Devi Descartin, the actress behind Bianca, sheds light on her character's intentions, saying, "As Charlie’s best friend, gusto kong makuha ni Charlie kung ano ‘yung matagal na niyang pangarap. Number #1 fan and supporter nga 'di ba. Though in the end, na-realize naman ni Bianca kung anong resulta ng plano niya. She learned her lesson."

Some fans also commended Descartin's performance. For instance, @romulus.evales.futureteacher remarked, "Effective pala ang gumanap na Bianca dito, ang daming nanggigigil."

Kych Minemoto & Ghaello Salva

Janong: The Best Dad Ever

On a brighter note, the character of Janong (Ghaello Salva), Charlie's dad, stole the spotlight as the series' beloved father figure. Fans showered love on Janong for his unwavering support and genuine affection for his son:

"Who agrees with me that his dad deserves someone to love him as much as he loves his son? Best dad." - @sandrablack4197

"Nakakatuwa ang daddy niya. Napakabait and supportive. Cool lang na daddy." - @chubzyhatz3135

"Isa sa pinakagusto ko sa series na ito ay ang napaka-supportive na father." - @philipmanansala8855

Ghaello Salva, who plays Janong, basks in the overwhelming love: "Actually, knowing the viewers of My Plantito were millennials and Gen Zs, I didn't expect them to give Janong more than casual attention. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for welcoming Janong and my son Charlie into your hearts."

Salva also shares some valuable advice for parents: "Support and open communication are crucial. We need to show selfless love to them. And as parents, let's educate ourselves about LGBTQ+ issues and create a safe space where they may feel accepted and understood."

Michael Ver

Miko: The Heartthrob of My Plantito

Miko’s character, portrayed by the dashing Michael Ver, generated a huge swoonfest among followers who fell for his good looks and strong appeal.

"I keep viewing all of Miko's scenes over and over AND OVER again . . . but I can't get enough of my plantito Michael Ver!" - @fmaximo1979

"Miko? There isn't a straight girl or gay guy who would reject you. It's cute that Miko doesn't realize that, though." - @gnirolnamlerf593

While Miko received tons of compliments and heart-eyed emojis, Michael Ver doesn’t let this go to his head. Sharing his perspective on the series and his role, he says, "I felt excited and nervous in creating My Plantito because I have never been in a boy-love series ever. I accepted this project because I love the story and the reality that it tackles.”

Michael also expresses his gratitude to My Plantito viewers. “I was overwhelmed by how the fans took to the love team of Miko and Charlie. I really appreciate their positive responses and reactions!”

Kych Minemoto & Michael Ver

Miko-Charlie Chemistry: A Love Team to Remember

Amid the cheers for Janong's parenting style, the arguments over Bianca's moves as BFF, and the collective sighs over Miko's charm, there is one aspect of My Plantito that fans can't stop talking about—the undeniable chemistry between Miko and Charlie. As the series finale leaves fans yearning for more, the call for more projects featuring the beloved duo echoes across social media.

"The chemistry is so good. More projects for Miko and Charlie, please!" - @iamkennethic

"I'm starting to love the chemistry between Miko and Charlie. In fairness, pareho silang neophytes pero magaling silang umarte. Sana mabigyan sila ng mas malaki pang projects. Finger crossed! Love you both!" - @amirprince68

Fans are not shy about expressing their desire for more Miko-Charlie collaborations, and the lead actors are equally touched by the overwhelming support. Kych Minemoto, who brought Charlie to life, is immensely grateful for the warm reception to their love team:

"Sobrang thankful po talaga ako na maging part ng My Plantito. Ngayon, bawat paglabas ko may nagpapa-picture na at nagsasabi na napanood nila ako sa My Plantito. May mga nagsasabi na naka-relate sila sa kwento. Fan meet pa lang dama na namin ang suporta ng fans. Sa online, lagi tayong trending."

Kych Minemoto

Adding a touch of kilig, Minemoto sends a heartfelt message to his on-screen partner, Michael Ver, who plays Miko:

"Message ko for Michael: ‘Ituloy mo lang ang pagiging masipag mo sa trabaho, at ang grabeng dedication mo.’ Makikita mo na pursigido talaga si Michael sa ginagawa niya. Mami-miss ko ang mga kulitan at kwentuhan namin pagkatapos ng mga eksena. ‘Michael, message ka lang dahil nandito lang kami para sumuporta sa iyo.’ "

While the romantic thrill has not waned following the show’s last episode, Kych Minemoto teases fans for a possible second season: "I'm wishing na sana magkaroon ng Season 2 at matuloy natin kung ano pa kaya ang nangyari kina Miko at Charlie. Abangan!"

The series has ended but the kilig lives on: fans can watch My Plantito on Puregold’s official YouTube and Tiktok channels.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

MTRCB Honored by the PCO-FOI

THE Presidential Communications Office - Freedom of Information Program (PCO-FOI) awarded on Tuesday, 21 November 2023, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) with a Plaque of Appreciation, which recognizes the Board’s active role in advancing transparency and accountability in governance.


This marks the third consecutive recognition from the PCO-FOI, with the MTRCB being conferred the FOI Champion 1st runner-up in 2020 and the 2nd runner-up in 2021. The consistent conferment of recognition is a testament to the Board's dedication to promoting open access to information and fostering responsible media practices.



"The MTRCB is deeply honored to receive this recognition from the Presidential Communications Office - Freedom of Information Program," said Lala Sotto, Chairperson of the MTRCB.. 

"It reflects our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, values that are at the core of our mission."


Through its Responsableng Panonood (RP) Information Campaign, the Board aims to provide information and capacitate viewers to use the MTRCB Ratings System as a guide to be discerning and responsible consumers of media and entertainment.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


THE legendary Hong Kong action-thriller director John Woo is finally making movie magic again with 'Silent Night', set to premiere in Philippine cinemas on November 29.

This film marks Woo’s much-anticipated return to the Hollywood scene after a two-decade hiatus, in collaboration with producer Basil Iwanyk, known for explosive blockbusters like the 'Expendables' and 'John Wick' franchises.

'Silent Night' stars formidable Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, best known for his roles in the Netflix series 'House of Cards', the 2014 'Robocop' remake, and the 'Suicide Squad' films.

Kinnaman portrays a father seeking justice for the death of his son, who was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout during the Christmas season. The emotional depth of the story resonated with Woo, who told media outlets, “It was a very smart script and the story really touched me because I have three children.”

Kinnaman’s character undergoes a radical transformation, honing his fighting skills and preparing for a showdown with the gang member responsible for killing his son. Woo praised Kinnaman’s dedication to the role, noting that when filming started, the actor hit the ground running and didn’t let up.

“He was very in character. always pushing himself so hard to work out. He did ninety-nine percent of his stunts, and he also trained with our fight coordinator every day, just rehearsing and training for all of the action sequences. I was so happy to work with him,” Woo added.

Adding to the star-studded cast is Scott Mescudi, also known as rapper Kid Cudi, who steps into the role of a cop. As it happens, Mescudi is a massive fan of the director’s.

Recalling their conversation, Woo said, “When he came on the set he told me, ‘All I want to do is John Woo action.’ I asked him, ‘What is John Woo action?’ ‘It's firing with two guns.’ So I gave him two guns.”

Nathan Studios and 888 Films International, the film's Philippine distributors, are known for their commitment to bringing gritty, edgy content to local audiences. Their track record with the thrilling series Cattleya Killer and film Topakk—known to international audiences as Triggered—underscores their dedication to delivering cutting-edge entertainment.

'Silent Night' is sure to be a pedal-to-the-metal experience, filled with high-octane action sequences that will leave audiences breathless. Filipino moviegoers are in for a major treat as they witness the return of John Woo’s signature style to the big screen.

Get ready for a film that will deliver pure, unadulterated action and a story that will keep you riveted until the last credit rolls.

Watch the trailer below:

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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Nino Muhlach Admitted To Korina Sanchez That He Has Another Daughter

ANOTHER explosive interview will explode in the upcoming episode of 'Korina Interviews' on NET25 this Sunday, 5:00 pm.

This time, former child superstar Niño Muhlach was interviewed by Ate Koring'.

"Great. The entire Philippines almost worships a Niño Muhlach," admitted Korina who was once a fan of the award-winning young actor.

“I was surrounded by bodyguards. I am shooting five films at the same time. We are always with the President and First Lady at the palace", said Niño. 

"But I prepared for the time when all that will disappear, with the help of my Dad".

They look back at the height of Niño's popularity to the tarnishing of his career —- and his resurgence.

What lessons did he learn from his father that he still carries with him today?

What is the secret recipe of the famous Muhlach ensaymada?

But wait there's more, Niño admitted to Korina that he has another daughter!


Watch the full details this Sunday at 5pm on 'Korina Interviews' on Net 25!