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Chickenjoyers Celebrate Their Love for the Philippines’ Iconic Fried Chicken

FOR the first time in Chickenjoy history, Jollibee brought together enthusiasts of its well-loved fried chicken at the day-long “I Am A Chickenjoyer Fan Meet” at Trinoma Activity Center last February 17.

This joy-filled event gathered families and friends adding up to over 1,500 individuals to celebrate their shared love for the iconic Chickenjoy.

“We are so excited to finally bring so many Chickenjoyers together in one venue and host an exciting day for them,” said Pamie Cruz, Senior Marketing Manager of Jollibee Philippines. “This is our way of thanking them for their continued support for Chickenjoy, and for spreading this love to their families and friends from all over the country and even all over the world.”

Guests engaged in a slew of activities detailed in their event passports. From conquering the Claw Machine to trying their luck at the Giant Gachapon and mastering the Ball Bucket Shoot Out, attendees collected points, won limited-edition Chickenjoy merchandise, and created lasting memories. To add, a professional studio setup awaited guests, capturing their moments through expertly taken photos and videos.

Jollibee endorsers and self-proclaimed Chickenjoyers Joshua Garcia and Donny Pangilinan also added to the fun during the morning and afternoon programs, respectively. 

When asked about his favorite memory with Chickenjoy, Donny recalled, “As a kid, I remember going home via expressway and ordering Jollibee via drive-thru because that’s really our favorite. In the car, my dad would ask us what we wanted and of course, we wanted Chickenjoy. We’d share it in the car before driving off again, feeling satisfied.”

Joshua added his own vivid Chickenjoy moments: “With my family, it’s always a tradition to order Jollibee when it’s someone’s birthday. My nephew loves Chickenjoy, so I would bring him a bucket on his birthday and we’d share it with Jolly Spaghetti or rice. My favorite part is the chicken wing—I love the experience of removing the bone and dipping the wing in the gravy. Sarap!”


This unique event showed how Chickenjoy has played a role in the lives of millions, from satisfying cravings to completing delightful bonding moments. Renowned for its crispy and flavorful skin, juicy and succulent meat, and signature gravy, Chickenjoy continues to make a lasting impact and be well-loved by the generations to come.

The CrispyliciousJuicylicious, best-tasting Jollibee Chickenjoy is available nationwide for PHP 82.00 (1-pc. Chickenjoy with rice and drink). Drop by your nearest Jollibee branch and treat yourself to its crispy, juicy goodness via dine-in, take-out, or drive-thru. You can also have it delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.


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Thursday, February 22, 2024

You can be a Responsible Gamer with 'DigiPlus'

DigiPlus Interactive Corp. (DigiPlus), operator of the leading digital gaming platforms BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, and PeryaGame. DigiPlus, sounds the call for responsible gaming practices even as it invites its adult customers to partake in DigiPlus’ exciting brand of recreation. 

As the fastest-growing digital entertainment group in the country, DigiPlus may offer nonstop fun and games but when money is in the mix, it espouses a certain level of self-control for the most positive gaming experience possible.


“Responsible gaming,” according to the Association of Certified Gaming Compliance Specialists (ACGCS), is “the practice of gambling in a way that minimizes the potential negative effects that it can have on individuals and society.”

Andy Tsui, President of DigiPlus, affirms this, stating that responsible gaming is a key tenet of their business. “DigiPlus works to ensure that the necessary and vital regulations PAGCOR sets for gaming companies in the Philippines are strictly observed,” he says. 

However, Tsui likewise hopes that DigiPlus customers would practice responsible gaming on their own to derive the most fun and enjoyment from their games.”


There are a number of ways for enthusiasts to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with gaming. Consider these tips based on advice given by the Responsible Gaming Council (RGC):


Set limits. When gaming, it’s important to set limits on two things: budget and time. Before you start playing, keep a firm budget in mind. Never play with money you can’t afford to lose, and do not ever borrow money from others to play.

Meanwhile, deciding on a clear-cut time and schedule for your gaming sessions will keep you from spiraling into overindulgence. Set an alarm to tell you when your gaming session is over. Playing within your means will prevent gaming from taking over your daily life.


Only play with a clear mind. Be sure to monitor your mental and physical states before starting a gaming session. Do not engage in gambling when feeling upset or stressed as these may cloud your judgment and deter you from making sound decisions. At the same time, do limit alcohol intake while playing. Stay sober and level-headed at all times.

Lastly, taking frequent breaks may help, too. Step away from the gaming table or phone, and feel free to indulge in some physical activity before coming back to play.


Do not ‘chase’ your losses. Always get into each gaming session prepared to lose the money that you’re putting in. Games featured at DigiPlus locations and on the BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, and PeryaGames apps are predicated on chance, which means there’s never any guarantee of a return on your payments.


Avoid the “sunken cost syndrome” of trying to get a positive outcome because one has put too much resources into one effort. Stick to your budget and be ready at any time to cut your losses and move on.


Andy Tsui is optimistic that customers that take these tips seriously are assured of a positively pleasurable gaming experience. 

“DigiPlus endeavors to strictly implement PAGCOR-approved regulations and guidelines as customers use our gaming facilities,” he states. 

“This way we are confident that we can create safe spaces for them to have fun and enjoyment at all times.”

GLOBE Empowers Youth Creativity at CCP’s 'Pasinaya Festival 2024'


GLOBE has reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing the aspirations of young creatives and celebrating artistic innovation through its latest collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for Pasinaya Festival 2024.


The partnership transformed the largest multi-arts festival in the country into a digital and creative spectacle, proving that technology and arts can come together to create unparalleled experiences for all.


Held on February 2 to 4 at the CCP Complex, Pasinaya Festival 2024 offered an "experience-all-you-can, pay-what-you-can" scheme, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a diverse array of over a hundred shows, screenings, workshops, and activities spanning music, theater, dance, visual arts, film, and literature.

"Globe remains committed to nurturing the youth, offering them opportunities to learn and improve their skills from an early age. The Pasinaya Festival showcased a variety of workshops and performances across disciplines, reflecting the breadth of creativity we support. Our partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines for this festival is just the beginning of the creative partnerships we aim to build this year," remarked Giv Florida, Director and Head of Globe Prepaid.


In line with Globe's mission to empower the next generation of creators, the company's support for Pasinaya 2024 was multifaceted.


Through Globe Hangouts, festival-goers were treated to an array of enriching activities, from virtual reality (VR) on the Hangouts Bus to designing their own tote bags with Dripsplash PH.


Likewise, attendees were able to sign up for GoWATCH: Art Animation Masterclasses for free, ensuring that even those who missed certain talks could catch up via the Globe Hangouts website.


Globe also facilitated discussions with members of Graphic Artists Philippines and Philippine Graphic Artists to share insights on their communities, community-building efforts, and how the company has supported their creative endeavors.


Those who wanted to make a difference also had the opportunity to positively impact the lives of families facing involuntary hunger by donating their Globe Rewards points to the Hapag Movement via the GlobeOne app.


Globe’s support expanded beyond just experiences to include essential technological infrastructure. Provisioning a robust network played a crucial role in enabling the seamless live streaming of various festival activities and providing outstanding connectivity for all attendees.


Pasinaya Festival 2024 seamlessly aligns with Globe's "Go Lang Nang Go" core message, motivating young individuals to engage deeply with their interests, seek out new experiences, and navigate the complex yet rewarding path of self-discovery.


Globe is dedicated to being a pillar of innovation, enabling Gen Z creators driven by passion to pursue their interests and achieve significant milestones through platforms designed for genuine self-expression. Watch out for updates from Globe on similar events and activities.


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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Liza Soberano Marks Major Milestone with 'Lisa Frankenstein'

MANILA – FILIPINO actress Liza Soberano makes her Hollywood debut in the horror-comedy film Lisa Frankenstein from Focus Features and Universal Pictures International.

From the inventive, delightfully twisted minds of Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and first-time feature director Zelda Williams comes the fiendishly clever genre-bending romp, Lisa Frankenstein. 

An addictively sardonic spin on Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic, the new film time travels to 1989 suburbia where high school senior Lisa Swallows spends her free time at the abandoned Bachelor’s Grove cemetery at the grave of a young man who died decades earlier—an unconventional pastime that promises to change the course of her life.

Starring Kathryn Newton whose previous works include Big Little Lies and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, along with Cole Sprouse, who is best known for his starring roles on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody and on CW’s Riverdale, the two are paired for the very first time as the movie’s leads.

With a screenplay by Diablo Cody who won an Academy and BAFTA Award for her work in 2007’s Juno, Lisa Frankenstein centers around Lisa Swallows (Newton), who accidentally reanimates a handsome corpse from the Victorian era, played by Sprouse, during a lightning storm. 

The narrative unfolds as the pair embark on a darkly humorous journey seeking love, happiness, and a few missing body parts. This a unique coming-of-rage love story that is set against the backdrop of the 1980s while blending the elements of comedy, romance, and fantasy. 

Here, Soberano plays Taffy – the stepsister of Lisa.
“I met Zelda in a trip to LA, and she brought up this project. I was instantly hooked,” Soberano recalls. 
“It’s amazing because the day I met her was the same day the studio greenlit the project. When she found out it was a go, ‘They've got their main leads lined-up. 
"They were looking to fill other roles. How about auditioning for one?’ I was like, ‘Sure, let me check out the script. If it’s something that interests me, I'm in.’ And when I saw Diablo Cody was on board, I just had to audition for it.”

Soberano is very excited and grateful for the opportunity. “It's set in the 80s, so the whole look—the hair, makeup—is totally 80s, which is new for me,” she says. 
"It's the kind of movie I've always wanted to do. It has horror, comedy, and romance in one. I was looking for a role that would really push me. 
"Sure, it's a huge risk for my career, but that's what's exciting about it. I know I've learned a lot no matter how it turns out. That's what counts.”

Soberano's fans should expect to see a different side to her in this role. With an amazing cast, innovative script, and unique vision of Williams, Lisa Frankenstein promises to offer a fresh take on the classic Frankenstein narrative.

The film also features notable actors like Joe Chrest (Stranger Things), Henry Eikenberry (The Crowded Room), and Carla Gugino (San Andreas).

With the support of Maya and SM Cinemas, celebrities and members of the press recently had an advanced screening as Filipino fans are gearing-up for a unique romance, horror-comedy experience in cinemas in time for Valentine’s Day, "Lisa Frankenstein" in now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Monday, February 5, 2024

SPEEd's '7th EDDYS' to honor 2023 Box Office Heroes'


THE Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd) has announced the addition of a special award for the 7th edition of its annual film event, The Eddys (Entertainment Editors’ Choice for Movies). 

The event, slated for July, aims to celebrate the "box office heroes" of 2023 – actors who played a crucial role in reviving cinema attendance after the pandemic challenges.

This year, The Eddys will present awards to the lead stars of the highest-grossing films that successfully attracted audiences back to cinemas, marking a significant comeback for the film sector. 

“With our new award, 'The Eddys Box Office Heroes,' we want to honor the stars of films that brought audiences back to theaters," said SPEEd president Salve Asis, entertainment editor of Pilipino Star Ngayon and Pang Masa. 

“We at SPEEd believe this recognition will encourage film production entities to create movies that are both commercially viable and impactful."

"By acknowledging the contributions of those who helped revive cinema attendance, SPEEd aims to inspire the industry to continue producing films that captivate and engage viewers," Asis added.

The Eddys is an annual event that honors filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, workers, and producers in the Philippine film industry. 

SPEEd is a non-profit organization whose members and officers are the entertainment editors of national broadsheets, top tabloids, and leading online portals. 

NDMstudios Unveils New Milestones in 'Malditas in Maldives': PH Official Selection Entry to the 2024 Jinseo Arigato International Filmfest

AFTER an entire year of preparation and post production, award-winning director-writer-producer, Njel de Mesa is ready to unveil his ten brand new films to be released this year.

Arci Muñoz

Abuzz in the industry is the fact that Direk Njel de Mesa will be the first “Director-Writer-Producer” to have done such a feat— and all independently.

Janelle Tee & Kiray Celis

Leading the charge is the hilarious comedy, “Malditas in Maldives” starring the “Muse of Philippine Cinema,” Arci Muñoz, Kiray Celis, and Vivamax royalty Janelle Tee. Arci Muñoz steps up to become a producer in this project-- as well as a creative director.

Janelle Tee, Arci Muñoz & Kiray Celis 

In the film, three rival vloggers (Anais, Kimble, and Padma) are set to feature the atolls of Maldives when they find themselves in a time loop, where the days are always repeating itself. Caught in this quirky predicament they try to find solutions on how to get out of the loop.

Kiray Celis, Arci Muñoz, Janelle Tee,  & Direk Njel de Mesa 

Njel de Mesa’s "Malditas in Maldives" is Philippines official selection entry to the 2024 Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival in Nagoya Japan.

 Arci Muñoz

“The film will hold international screenings first and world premieres by joining international film festivals in Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, and Canada. We’re also set to go back to Maldives and premiere it there!” says Direk Njel de Mesa.

“We have been so lucky that we have establishments such as South Palm Maldives and Meuyag supporting our project,” Arci Muñoz adds.

 Janelle Tee

“We have been so lucky that we have establishments such as South Palm Maldives and Meuyag supporting our project,” Arci Muñoz adds.

“The film is sort of a commentary about toxic vloggers online but is very much a celebration of life,” says Janelle Tee.

“I wanted to do something different other than taking off my clothes for certain films—and do more challenging roles. Thanks to Direk Njel I got a break to do other things and be in the company of great actors.”

“GMA Network’s Sparkle has been very supportive of the project,” says Kiray Celis.

Kiray Celis

“It was the most challenging shoot Direk Njel has had to face since most of equipment didn’t arrive in Maldives. Arci’s luggage as well got lost in the airport transfer enroute to our filming location—so she ended up borrowing clothes from everyone just so we can finish the job.”

Whatever the challenges the production had to face, the hilarious trailer of "Malditas In Maldives" can now be viewed on Youtube and other social media platforms. People can’t wait for the entire movie for in the end, as Direk Njel puts it: “You get by with a little help from your friends”.

Watch the trailer below:

Monday, January 29, 2024

MTRCB bans the airing of ‘Private Convos with Doc Rica’

THE Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) prohibited the airing of the Television (TV) program "Private Convos with Doc Rica," which airs over the One News Cable Channel, for airing a program that purely appeals to “prurient interest” and for failure to adhere to the MTRCB Rating guidelines.


“In the exercise of its regulatory powers, the MTRCB hereby prohibits the television program "Private Convos with Doc Rica" from exportation, copying, distribution, sale, lease, exhibition, and/or television broadcast in all media platforms within the jurisdiction of the MTRCB, commencing from the finality of this decision,” according to the January 24 ruling of the Board.

The MTRCB's Monitoring and Inspection Unit (MIU) submitted an Incident Report to the Office of the Chairperson on 24 August 2023, concerning the program "PRIVATE CONVOS WITH DOC RICA," aired over One News Cable TV by CIGNAL TV. The report highlighted episodes that featured discussions on sexual experiences and fantasies, including the use of inappropriate language.

 flagged the September 6 episode where host Doc Rica interviewed her guest about sexual awakening, during which explicit terms such as "self-masturbation, anal sex, and oral sex" were used in the conversation.

In addition to the MIU’s observations, the Board received numerous complaints against the program, primarily from concerned parents.

In adherence to due process, a Notice to Appear was issued on 28 September 2023, directing the Respondents to testify before the Agency’s Hearing and Adjudication Committee.

The Respondents appeared through their representatives and were asked to submit their respective position papers.


The Board meticulously reviewed the content in question and evaluated it against the relevant provisions of the law, specifically Section 3 (c) of Presidential Decree No. 1986  (PD 1986) and Section 2, Chapter IV, in relation to Section 8, Chapter V of the law's Implementing Rules and Regulations.

After a thorough examination of the case, including a comprehensive analysis of the position papers submitted by the Respondents, the Board determined that the respondent “Private Convos with Doc Rica” television program format involved detailed discussions of guests’ sexual awakenings, leading to explicit narrations of intimate experiences, and employed language deemed unsuitable for broadcasting.

MTRCB Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Lala Sotto

MTRCB Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Lala Sotto, stated, "We unequivocally denounce any blatant disregard for the law. With the freedom to broadcast content comes a responsibility. We implore broadcasters and content providers to be circumspect and responsible in their creative processes, acknowledging the profound influence that on-screen content holds.”

The MTRCB ruled that the episode’s usage of those explicit terms, coupled with the totality of actions and expressions of the host and her guest/s, within the context of the program, “fall within materials which appeal to the prurient interest of the average person.”


Further, the Board disagreed with the assertion of the respondents that the program, in totality, is imbued with “educational and social value.”


The Board also raised concerns over the appropriateness of the medium and time slot chosen for dissemination, considering the content of the episodes, particularly the explicit discussions on sexual experiences and the use of inappropriate language.


The ruling also assailed the complete defiance and non-adherence of the Respondents to the MTRCB Rating in violation of Section 2, Chapter IV in relation to Section 8, Chapter V of PD 1986.


“The Respondents are remiss for broadcasting the mentioned television program during Child-Viewing Hours, despite asserting that the Subject Episodes were merely used as fillers in the afternoon time slot. Additionally, the Respondents failed to implement the necessary MTRCB rating for the Television Program despite being aware that the subject matter is unsuitable for very young televiewers,” the ruling states.

The ban on the TV program is effective upon the finality of the decision, covering exportation, copying, distribution, sale, lease, exhibition, and/or television broadcast in all media platforms within the jurisdiction of the MTRCB.