Friday, November 6, 2020

Dingdong Dantes returns to advocate one of the first brands that trusted him as a product endorser

THE star of ‘Descendants of the Sun PH’ (DOTS PH) Dingdong Dantes is once again the brand ambassador of pain reliever brand Medicol.

“I am happy and honored with my new role. The fact that Medicol considered me to be its endorser, while the whole world is in the middle of this pandemic and everything is uncertain; makes me grateful,” opens Dingdong.

Medicol’s brand manager Lisa Angeli K. De Leon happily welcomes Dingdong back. 

“The campaign was launched in July and we are exploring projects we can collaborate on to inspire Filipinos to rise above the challenges that are experienced now, especially with the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. We are happy to be working with Dingdong again.”

It was in 2008 when Dingdong first signed up as an endorser of Medicol and the actor is grateful for the brand’s trust.

“It is a great privilege to be one of Unilab’s brand ambassadors. I am one with them in working towards a healthier Philippines, one quality medicine at a time. I am also of the strong belief that quality health care must be within reach for Filipinos,” he says.

Most-advanced pain reliever

According to De Leon, Medicol has gone through many reinventions since it was introduced to the public in 1979. 

From being paracetamol tablet, it became an ibuprofen caplet in the early 2000s to provide faster and stronger pain relief. In 2010, Medicol Advance 200mg was launched, the first ibuprofen softgel in the country that delivers even faster relief because of its Ibufluid technology.

In 2013, Medicol expanded its offerings and launched the first 400mg ibuprofen softgel in the country which competitors still have not been able to copy. 

“From being known as just a headache brand, it is now clinically proven to relieve different types of pain like migraine, toothache, dysmenorrhea, body pain and even post-operative pains like tooth extraction," De Leon tells.

She adds. “This is why Dingdong is the perfect ambassador for Medicol. A lot has changed in Medicol and the same can be said about Dingdong. Both have developed over the years. He embodies the brand with his multi-faceted character and achievements. Dingdong is the perfect person to represent the brand’s promise of helping anyone to ‘be your best self’.”

More blessings

Meanwhile, apart from being a brand ambassador for Medicol, Dingdong is also busy with other things despite the pandemic. He just finished a 14-day lock-in taping for DOTS PH that is about to return to TV. He also tapes every Sunday for ‘Amazing Earth.’ And, Dingdong sits on the director’s chair for his wife Marian Rivera’s show 'Tadhana' and other endorsement shoots.

Dingdong is also active in the YesPinoy advocacy where he is the founding chairman, as well as DingDongPH, an online marketplace and delivery app that he just recently launched. 

“This is possible because of my supportive family and community, who appreciate my craft and my contributions to the industries that I belong to.”

Recently, Dingdong celebrated his 40th birthday, albeit quietly with family. 

What else could people expect from the multi-hyphenated personality?

Dingdong remarks, “I would like to think that I am still a work in progress and the best is yet to come. I have so many dreams for my family; for the entertainment industry that has nurtured me to become the best version of myself; and for the communities and sectors where I can extend inspiration and help.

“The pandemic has been testing my faith and patience. It is challenging me to find ways to better ensure the safety and health of my children, my wife, myself and the people that surround me. But I know that in His perfect time, this too, shall pass.”