Sunday, October 30, 2022

Beautéderm Health Boosters Opens New Chapter With Sam Milby

BEAUTéDERM Corporation continues to advocate excellent health and premium wellness as it formally launches a new set of health essential products with Sam Milby as brand ambassador.


Collectively packaged as Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets, the new line under REIKO and KENZEN consists of three brand new products that are developed and manufactured in Japan – all of which are FDA Compliant and are expertly formulated to bolster the body’s overall health and well-being with the objective of being deliberately handy as each product could be easily dissolved in water and could be taken anytime and anywhere for that extra boost of energy and revitalization that the body needs every day.


The first is Reiko ShiroSan – a first grade dietary supplement that contains a blend of marine collagen that is ideal for the rejuvenation of joints and other bodily organs; peptides; and non-acidic Vitamin C which is known as an energy booster and a natural antioxidant.


The second is Kenzen YasaiDes – a dietary superfood supplement with a potent blend of Vitamin E and tomato extract with fruit and other vegetable extracts that is helps in strengthening the immune system. This is also a very good dietary option for veggies and best for kids and adults who are in need of extra nourishment in their diets


Completing the set is Kenzen MizuPlus – an excellent dietary supplement that contains a blend of Green Tea extract and magnesium, which helps in normalizing high blood pressure and in the prevention of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Kenzen MizuPlus also contains high absorption calcium that helps in maintaining the strength of the bones and joints while aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis; and high absorption L-Malic Acid that helps in the prevention of fatigue, in the increase of mental focus, and the speedy recovery from muscle pain. This tablet, which also be used a meal replacement for those who are in a diet, also contains vanilla which is considered as an effective agent in controlling glucose levels in the blood.


Each Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablet can easily be taken by dissolving it in a glass of water once a day before a meal or as recommended by a health professional.

Sam Milby is one of the busiest artists in the industry today whose career spans almost two decades as he starred in a steady string of top rating primetime TV series and blockbuster movies while endorsing some of the most trusted brands in the market.

Today, Sam is as busy as ever as he is currently featured as one of the lead stars of Kapamilya Channel’s primetime romance-drama series A Family Affair. And with his hectic schedule, being the health buff that he is, Sam openly admits that is vital to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle especially in the midst of the pandemic. 


“I am honored and grateful now that I am finally a part of Beautéderm’s amazing family,” says Sam.

“Through the years, I learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because of the challenging lifestyle that I have as an actor which could affect the wellbeing of both my mind and body. I need to ensure that I am always in the best physical condition through regular exercise and the right diet coupled with the right amount of sleep.

Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets are the perfect partner for me to further guaranteed that my body stays healthy and fully charged all the time.”

Beautéderm’s President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan on the other hand welcomes Sam with open arms as she reveals that he is undoubtedly the best choice to represent the newest products under Beautéderm Health Boosters. 


“The line-up of Beautéderm’s A-list brand ambassadors could never be complete without Sam. I have always admired his body of work and I am very pleased to discover that he is so fun and easy to work with,” gushes Rhea. “Sam’s lifestyle should be emulated because of his discipline and professionalism. He lives a balanced and healthy life which makes him the perfect artist to represent Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets.”

The saying that health is wealth is not merely a cliché as seen in the life and career of Sam Milby. And during these trying times where good health is the most important currency to weather life’s man challenges, we should all model the choice of Sam to strengthen his body with a regular boost of natural vitality and make Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets part of our daily essentials.

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JOMARI Yllana gets back into high gear as he roars anew into the racing circuit as the top gun behind rally/race event, the Paeng Nodalo Memorial Rally.

Slated on November 5 and 6, 2022 at Subic Bay Freeport, the race pays tribute to Paeng Nodalo, one of the country’s pillars of motorsports, who was behind the legendary Mabuhay Rally.

Jomari, currently a three-term councilor in Paranaque City, is the first Filipino to score podium finish at Yeongam International F-1 circuit in South Korea in 2014. He was one of the top three winners in the Super Race Round 8 Championship, Accent One category that gathered top racers from all over the world. His racing team Yllana GTR is also the first Filipino racing team to win in the said event.

Upon winning, the veteran actor declared on Instagram: “Mabuhay ang Philippine Motorsport! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Para sa bawat Pilipino, saan man sa mundo.”

Jomari recalls having trained for an entire year before entering the Super Race championship.

“Joining it was a dream come true for me, winning in my event was a bonus,” he looks back.

   Jomari’s other racing credits include:

   Philippine National Touring Car Champion Driver.

   1996 won Rookie of the year (1st runner up, Toyota Corolla Cup) in 1996.

   Runner up and Champion driver, Philippine National Touring Car Championship for Toyota Team Toms, 1997-2001.

  Runner up, Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship, 2014-2015 (Yllana Racing Team).

Jomari’s exploits on the racetrack started when he joined Toyota Team Tom's in the late '90s. The stint led to a thousand and one thrills as he maneuvered high-speed drives at Batangas Racing Circuit and Clark International Speedway.

The actor’s own motorsports outfit, Yllana Racing, with himself as team principal, took part in Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship also in 2013.

Jomari’s eldest son, Andre, has similarly shown interest in the sport. “Hilig din nýa. But, I tell him racing isn’t just a hobby. You have to be a professional to make it work.”

Jomari, whose full name is José María Garchitorena Yllana, rose to fame as one third of the 1990s teen group "Gwapings" together with Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, and later with Jao Mapa.

In December, he’s set to stage an acting comeback, playing the part of a politician, in an Erik Matti series, set for international release.   

Among his more memorable films as an actor of note in drama are The Healing, Ikaw ang Pag-ibig, Sigaw, Minsan Pa, Gatas... Sa Dibdib Ng Kaaway, Bulaklak ng Maynila, Sambahin Ang Ngalan Mo, Sa Pusod ng Dagat, Diliryo.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Puregold Shines the Spotlight on Filipino ‘Winners’ and Their Success Stories Through “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”

PUREGOLD rings in its twenty-fifth year in the retail industry with one important goal: to highlight life ‘Panalo Stories’ of its customers— Filipinos across the country.  

Puregold begins by telling the tales of triumph of six sought-after personalities in the fields of entertainment, music, and sports. The supermarket retail chain announced its partnership with these endorsers through a campaign called “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”. Featuring videos that reveal the journeys these individuals took to get to where they are right now, it singularly conveys an important message: that all Filipinos can win in life, too.  

Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc., says, “Our success would not have been possible without our customers, who have been with us all these years. As we look forward to our 25th year, we aim to show our appreciation through inspiring Panalo Stories, in the hope that Filipinos will see how success is possible for them as well.” 



Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” tells the story of Justin de Dios, popularly known as “Justin,” the sub-vocalist and creative lead of Filipino boy band SB19. A singer, rapper, and actor, Justin once doubted that he could achieve recognition for his musical talent, but with sheer determination, he has become a shining star in Philippine Pop. 



May panahong walang gustong makinig sa’kin; mga panahong gusto ko nang sumuko. Pero hindi ako nagpatalo,” he shares in his Puregold video, which has already garnered 3.9 million views to date, a testament to how many people listen to and believe in him now. 




A beautiful face with stellar talent, as we have seen in the many teleseryes that she has starred in, Francine Diaz reveals a life that was filled with struggle. In her “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video, she gives us a glimpse of how much she has been through. “May mga iniyakan, pero mas marami akong nilabanan. Ang pagpursigi ko, walang cut, dahil alam kong nasa akin ang panalo.” 


With her family as Francine’s inspiration, the young breadwinner worked hard to become who she is today—a gifted actress with fans who adore her, as well as projects and endorsements lined up for her to take. 

Also featured in Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” is celebrity couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola, both big names in the local entertainment industry even before their paths crossed. 



In their video, the soon-to-be first-time parents profess how their love is their biggest victory, and how their partnership has led them to believe that they will win every battle they may face. “Hindi mo kailangang maging mag-isa,” the couple discloses. “May kasama kang sasalubong sa kahit anong ibigay ng tadhana.” 



Conquering Tiktok, arguably the most popular social media platform of this generation, influencer, actress, and “Reyna Batangueña of the Tiktokverse” Queenay Mercado, also has a success story to share. 



Now with over 12 million followers on Tiktok, Queenay, through her videos, took pride in her beginnings, which catapulted her into virality. Still, Queenay remains true to her roots. As she says in her “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video, “Isang maliit na boses mula sa malayo . . . ipinagmalaki ko at ipinarating sa buong bansa, at sa ibang parte ng mundo.”



With another inspiring tale of hard work and perseverance, pole vaulter and record-holder EJ Obiena completes the six successful individuals featured in “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”. 



EJ’s grit and determination led him to his status as the highly esteemed athlete he is today. He continues to compete and bring success not just to himself, but also to the Philippines. He says in his video, “Sugod lang hanggang tuktok, dahil kahit anong mangyari, alam kong nasa akin ang panalo.” 



Puregold customers and followers of its digital channels can watch for more Panalo Stories from these personalities, and from ordinary Filipinos, as the retailer celebrates its 25th year. 


As Vincent affirms, “Puregold is honored to have this opportunity to encourage Filipinos to take hold of their destinies and begin their journeys towards their greatest aspirations. We hope that ‘Nasa Iyo ang Panalo’ communicates a very clear message: ‘Success— Panalo is in each and every one of us’.” 


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Friday, October 28, 2022


“BAKIT, sa tingin mo, pinag-aaway nila tayo?” 

Broadcaster Karen Davila was semi-stunned by fellow broadcaster Korina Sanchez’s very direct and maybe unexpected question. 


“Pero bago mo sagutin yan… break muna tayo,” Korina teased.  And then both women did a high five and laughed. 

To many insiders in the industry, a one-on-one between Korina and Karen would be IMPOSSIBLE. 

The two have been talked about as “rivals” in their former network ABS-CBN since the 90’s. They have never worked together on a project ever. 


But if you watch the trailer of this much-awaited exclusive moment, you’ll see a lot of high-fiving, laughing, chiding, eating, light storytelling and, at one point, Karen cries. 

Why did Karen’s tears fall? What does she feel about social media bashing? What does she think about Korina’s question on their supposed rivalry? 

Well, you’ll have to watch this Sunday’s Korina Interviews aired on NET25 at 5:00 pm to find out.

“I didn’t know that Karen and I have so many things in our lives in common. And it really surprised me. Was that rivalry real? Eh manood na lang kayo. 

"And if you watch it on my YouTube Channel “Rated Korina”, don’t skip the ads ha!” Korina laughed.

You can also catch Korina Interviews episodes on her YouTube Channel “Rated Korina” every Wednesday. 

Watch the revealing one-on-one of Korina with Dra. Vicki Belo now uploaded👉

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sen. Imee’s Spooky Halloween Treats — Aswang and Other Horror Stories

IT’S an extra-spooky Halloween long weekend at Senator Imee Marcos’ official YouTube channel as she gives her loyal online Imeenatics her most spine-chilling content to date. 


On October 28 (Friday), on a vlog entry titled Pammati ti Ilokano, the Senator sits down with one of her favorite chikahan partners, Juliana Parizcova-Segovia, as they exchange stories on superstitious beliefs during All Saints Day. 


Senator Imee and Juliana delved on the traditional Pinoy Halloween no-no's which include not wearing red when visiting the cemetery; not combing their hair and cutting their nails; and not stepping on the graves of the dead among many others. 

On October 29 (Saturday), Imee will stream her special Fly Aswang tete-a-tete with Bessie Badilla where they discussed the inception of the Pinoy animated horror movie that they produced, which preceded the animated Netflix series Trese.

Fly Aswang is a Filipino animated horror feature that showcases different kinds of Pinoy aswangs such as the Tikbalang, Impakto, Nuno, and Mumbaki to mention a few. 

Sen. Imee will then upload a full feature streaming of Fly Aswang on October 31 (Monday) before segueing to a special Halloween greeting on November 1. 

Treat yourself to a dose of creepy fun with Sen. Imee Marcos and enjoy good scare in the free viewing of Fly Aswang and subscribe to 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Marc Cubales, First To Set A Trend Thru 'Cosmo Manila King & Queen 2022'


Face-to-face event is back!

Event organizer/producer Marc Cubales would like to be the first to set a trend and come up with an exciting, memorable event for wannabe models and beauty pageant contestants.


Thus, Cosmo Manila King & Queen 2022 is born.

"We're back to normal. As a producer, I would like to be the first to produce a sexy pageant competition, a bikini pageant in a very nice venue…

"Higit sa lahat, para makatulong at magbigay saya na rin sa mga agent at models ng sexy pageant show," Marc said.

"Yung feeling na nakakapagbigay ng work through producing is good. Maraming masisipag at kilala tayong mga kaibigan na when it comes to production sobrang gagaling at honestly ramdam ko yung dedication nila sa work.

"So deserve nila talaga na bumalik at magkaroon uli ng opportunity na gumawa ng isang quality pageant like Cosmo Manila," the producer of the 'Finding Daddy Blake' added.

So who will he hailed Cosmo Manila 2022 King and Queen on November 5, 2022, 7PM at SM Skydome North Edsa?

The Cosmo Manila Queen 2022 official candidates are Jane Usison, Khat Gonzales, Claire Ramos, Sahara Cruz, Ver Johansson, Aya Valdez, Jannah Garcia, Milka Gonzales, Anita Gomez, Arianne Villareal, Jasmine Benigno Castro, Airah Graciela, Dimpol Ortega, Mae Burgos, Neah Cassandra Aguilar, Morena Carlos, and Deberly Bangcore.

Meanwhile, the male official candidates are the following: Hawkin Madrid, Paul Jiggs Venturero, David Soledad, Christian Villarin, Nash Mendoza, Aaron Moreno, John Zafe, Simon Abrenica, Hanz Vergara, Jovy Angel, Ivan Bonifacio, Ronie Palermo, Curt Del Rosario, RJ Absalud, Allen Ong Molina, and Chadd Solano.

To be hosted by Michael Bristol, Joy Barcoma, and John Nite, special guests include Paul Salas, Kris Lawrence, Sex Bomb New Gen and Batang Mama.

Tickets are available at SM Tickets. For more details, call CP#s 09667088434 and 09602533903.

Part of the proceeds of the show goes to Cosmo Foundation: Gintong Palad & Balikatan Foundation.

Cosmo 'Manila King & Queen 2022' is produced by Marc Cubales with Ms. Edz Galindez as supervising producer, Leklek Tumalad as casting director, and Bembem Espanto as over-all director.

Cosmo Manila Queen 2022 would like to thank the following sponsors: Beautederm, Dr. Ramon Ramos (President and Chief Executive Officer , Imus Institute Inc and Imus Institute of Science and Technology Cavite), Erase Beauty Care, Bioessence Skin Care Services, Frontrow, Parcero Salon By Master Jun, Cubales Water Supply Co., AQ Prime, 90210 BeautyLab QQ, MC Productions, Shai's D Light Beauty Care, Itel, Edwin Lisa Brows & Aesthetics, Sony Boy Mindo, Dermaworld Center for Age Management, Inc., Calcium Cee, Lueur Lauren International Corp., I-Top View Café & Restaurant, Minas Brokers Logistics, Inc.,TD & Co. Coffee Shop, Victory Central Mall, Alpha Massage & Wellness Theraphy, JM Cubales, and PV Pageant Vote.