Friday, April 30, 2021

Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. takes viewers on a journey to protect the environment via "Agimat ng Agila"

THIS May 1, exciting adventures await Kapuso viewers as the bearer of the powers of an enchanted eagle sets off on a journey to protect the environment and to battle evil forces on GMA Network's action-packed fantasy drama series, 'Agimat ng Agila.' 

The original series is the television comeback of well-loved and versatile actor Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. as Major Gabriel Labrador, the valiant head of Task Force Kalikasan who is wrongfully accused of his family’s death and is chosen as the bearer of the Agimat ng Agila. 

With the recent celebration of Earth Day, Agimat ng Agila heralds on every Filipino’s guardianship of the environment and promotes how pivotal it is when a man embraces his love for his one and only planet.  

Following his five-year-long hiatus from acting, Bong shares that he is both glad and blessed to be doing what he loves again, "Acting is an integral part of my life, and I owe who I am today to the industry. Hindi ko talaga maiiwan ang industriya. Na-miss ko rin 'yung camaraderie and 'yung collective creativity with my co-workers – from co-actors to the writers, the directors, the crew, and the staff. All in all, na-miss ko 'yung buong experience, and I am blessed to be doing it again." 

In addition, Bong also wishes to instill environmental awareness to the viewers and encourage them to be proactive stewards of nature, "Napakaganda ng Pilipinas at punong-puno ito ng likas na yaman. Agimat ng Agila shows this – the rich ecosystem and biodiversity in the country. Ipinakita rin namin dito ang epekto nito sa mga tao – the good and bad. Kung maipapaalala lang namin sa mga tao ang kagandahan ng ating kalikasan at ang mga simpleng pwedeng gawin para huwag nang lalo pa masira ito, then we have imparted a meaningful message." 

Completing the powerhouse cast are Sanya Lopez as Maya Lagman, the headstrong but compassionate adopted daughter of Nanay Berta; Elizabeth Oropesa as Nanay Berta, the reclusive and mysterious elderly woman who will assist Gabriel on his journey as the tagapagligtasRoi Vinzon as Alejandro Dominguez, a respected and feared businessman and crime lord; Benjie Paras as Sgt. Wesley Dimanahan, Gabriel's trusted confidant and right-hand man; Allen Dizon as Capt. Gerry Flores, second-in-command of the task force; Michelle Dee as Serpenta, an evil shadow creature who acts as an oracle for Alejandro; EA Guzman as Julian, an earnest man who secretly fancies his childhood friend Maya; Miggs Cuaderno as Bidoy, a smart-aleck who eventually becomes close to Gabriel; Ian Ignacio as Malvar, deputy henchman of Alejandro. 

The series also features the special participation of Sheryl Cruz as Dr. Myrna Labrador, the soft-spoken and ethereal wife of Gabriel. 

Playing equally vital roles in the series are King Gutierrez as Timon, acting head of Alejandro's henchmen; Jhong Cuenca as Mulong, the enchanted eagle that is actually an engkanto cursed to be a bird; Mike Lloren as Lt. Col. Roman Abdilla, the unsupportive commander of Task Force Kalikasan who heavily dislikes Gabriel.

Also starring are Althea Ablan as young MayaDentrix Ponce as young JulianYuan Francisco as Wacky LabradorSeth Dela Cruz as Buknoy

After accepting a military assignment in Task Force Kalikasan, Major Gabriel Labrador (Bong) and his wife, Myrna (Sheryl), decide to settle down in the idyllic town of San Jacinta where they plan to raise their son Wacky (Yuan). Together with his faithful sergeant Wes (Benjie) and deputy Capt. Gerry (Allen), Gabriel eventually becomes an integral part of the community for his commendable actions to protect the forest and wildlife. 

Unbeknownst to Gabriel, his efforts have incurred the ire of Alejandro Dominguez (Roi Vinzon), a local crime lord who maintains the persona of a well-respected and philanthropic businessman.

Fortunately for Gabriel, an enchanted eagle has witnessed his heroism and has chosen him as the new 'tagapagligtas' to help save and protect the environment. The eagle sets him off on a journey aided by the mysterious but motherly Nanay Berta (Elizabeth), and her headstrong adopted daughter Maya (Sanya).

When Alejandro puts a hit on Gabriel and his family, the eagle swoops in to save his life which leads to him being the recipient of its 'bertud.' Gabriel has now been granted the abilities of the enchanted eagle. However, his arch-nemesis Alejandro is also allied with a wicked shadow whisperer named Serpenta (Michelle). 

Now armed with the Agimat ng Agila, will Gabriel be able to balance his thirst for revenge with his sense of righteousness in battling the evil forces of Alejandro? 

Agimat ng Agila is under the supervision of the GMA Entertainment Group headed by SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, FVP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, SAVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Ali Marie Nokom-Dedicatoria, and Executive Producer Joy Lumboy-Pili.  

Based on the film concept by Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., the series is a product of the visionary minds of GMA's award-winning creative team - Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Consultant Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan; Head Writer Jojo Tawasil Nones; Senior Writer John Roque; and developed for television by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan and Jojo Tawasil Nones. Joining them is Genaro Nerdie Cruz, script consultant of Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. 

Catch the world premiere of Agimat ng Agila - under the helm of acclaimed director Rico Gutierrez - beginning May 1, Saturdays, 7:15pm, on GMA-7. 

Viewers abroad can also watch the series via GMA's flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. For the program guide, visit

Thursday, April 1, 2021

GMA Network depicts consequences of social media misuse via sci-fi romance series "I Can See You: #Future"

IN the age of the internet, is going viral truly the be-all and end-all of using social media? Or will one realize, like ripples on a pond, that for every choice one makes, there is a consequence to face? 


This April 5, take part in the mysterious and intriguing story of a man whose life turns upside down as he gets a glimpse of the future in the second episode of GMA Network's groundbreaking drama series 'I Can See You: #Future.' 

The episode features the highly-anticipated reunion of two of the Network's brightest stars - Kapuso versatile actor Miguel Tanfelix as Vinchie Torres, an aspiring segment producer who gains a supernatural ability to see the future through CCTV footage, and Kapuso Breakout Star Kyline Alcantara as Lara Dacer, the woman who crosses paths with Vinchie and learns that the cause of her depression is somehow linked to him.  


In relation to the theme of their episode, Miguel shares his stance on how social media can be beneficial in today’s society, “Ang edge ng pagiging artista, if you were to make a movement, may followers ka na agad. But hindi lang artista, anyone can start a movement. Just make sure na alamin mo muna ‘yung tama sa mali and make sure na may ginagawa ka rin for that movement. Hindi mo lang siya ginagawa for social media. Iba ‘yung nangyayari sa social media at iba rin sa totoong buhay.”


Following their several successful projects together, Kyline expresses that she is delighted to be working with Miguel once more and teases fans on what to expect in the episode, “It’s fun to work with him again because we’re familiar naman sa work etiquette ng isa’t isa. We’re happy na they appreciate the scenes that we had done together.  Marami pa po silang aabangan. Of course, dapat abangan nila not just the kilig scenes but ‘yung plot twist ng story.”


Playing an equally vital role is Ms. Aiko Melendez as Menchie Torres, Vinchie's loud but loving mother who gets caught up in several vices after her husband’s death.

Making this series exciting is the special participation of Gabby Eigenmann as Elvin Torres, Vinchie's kindhearted and noble father who works as a CCTV operator. 

Completing the cast are Mikoy Morales as Royce, Lara's ex-boyfriend who falls victim to addiction; Dani Porter as Analyn Fuentes, Lara's supportive and dependable best friend; Jmee Katanyag as Kakai, Menchie’s friend who loves to gossip and gamble; Francis Mata as Walter, Charlie’s strict but gullible boss. 


Driven by his desire to go viral and to gain likes, social media addict and segment producer Vinchie (Miguel) records what seems to be a desperate robbery. After getting his footage of the crime, Vinchie flees the scene without helping the struggling victim. Unbeknown to him, his father Elvin (Gabby) rushes to break the mugging and meets an unfortunate end. Several months later, while scanning through CCTV footage at work, Vinchie witnesses an incident from the future and attempts to save a mysterious woman named Lara (Kyline). 

How will Vinchie's newfound ability to see the future through CCTV footage play a role in closing a painful chapter of his past and building his budding relationship with Lara? 

This original series, created by the award-winning GMA Entertainment Group, is headed by SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, FVP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, SAVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Camille D. Hermoso, and Executive Producer Michele R. Borja. 

'I Can See You: #Future' is a product of the visionary minds of GMA's highly-talented creative team: Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Consultant Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan; Headwriter Des Garbes-Severino; Concept Creator Kutz Enriquez, and brainstormer John Borgy Danao.

Catch the world premiere of ‘I Can See You: #Future’ - under the helm of esteemed director Dominic Zapata - beginning April 5, weeknights, right after First Yaya only on GMA-7.

Viewers abroad can also watch the series via GMA's flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. For the program guide, visit