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Award-winning Entertainment Journalist Nestor Cuartero Unveils 'PH MOVIE CONFIDENTIAL'


WHY are certain actors typecast?

Is fan mentality an illness?  


Why are some actors afraid of playing gay roles?


What happens after actors have shot an intimate scene?  


Have you considered the evolution of Tagalog film titles, from 'Nabasag ang Banga' to 'Pag-ibig sa Kapirasong Banig' to 'The Panti Sisters'?

These are a few of the issues that veteran entertainment journalist Nestor Cuartero presents in his first movie book, PH MOVIE CONFIDENTIAL. 



The book will be launched on March 8 at the FDCP Cinematheque in Manila in cooperation with the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd).


The slim volume of 130 glossy pages, says Nestor, is a humble collection of essays about trends, practices, beliefs, quirks and movements that helped shape the Philippine movie industry then (and now). The book is partially the result of his having been an avid moviegoer for the past six decades.


He writes, Let's just say a good chunk of those years had been spent as a close, firsthand observer of the industry as a working journalist covering the entertainment beat.


Published by Ultimate Learning Series by Carl Balita Review Center(CBRC) in cooperation with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), PH MOVIE CONFIDENTIAL is a partial record of Nestor’s years as a movie fan and entertainment journalist writing for both the Manila Bulletin and Tempo.


It covers a wide range of subjects that could interest, or maybe, inspire fans, students, lovers and researchers of Philippine movies about what was and what could still become.



Nestor Cuartero is a veteran entertainment journalist who has worked for both print and broadcast media. He was a long-time editor at the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, for which he has won several awards in journalism. 

Among these are: Grand Prize in Primer Premio de Periodismo given by Instituto Cervantes in 2000; First Prize in the 2007 La Sallian Scholarum Awards for coverage of youth and education issues in media; 2010 Binhi Awards’ Environment Journalist of the Year from the Philippine Agricultural Journalists (PAJ). 


The book, which sells at a promotional price of 400 pesos onlyper copy (excluding shipping), can be sourced at over 100 CBRC schools all over the Philippines. Orders are also welcome through nescuar@yahoo.com or via mobile phone 0917-800-5986. 

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Meet The Sparkle Sweethearts: Five Young and Cute Love Teams

TRUE to its fun and exciting new name, Sparkle has plenty of plans up its sleeve that’s sure to shine a spotlight to our stars and leave a glowing mark in the industry!

GMA Network’s talent management arm’s first project for the year began last January with the launch of Sparkle’s Next Brightest Stars for 2022, namely, Bianca Umali, Ysabel Ortega, Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez, Miguel Tanfelix, Khalil Ramos, Derrick Monasterio, and Ruru Madrid.

Now, Sparkle promises to amp up the kilig this February with the release of our Sparkle Sweethearts; 5 young and cute love teams that will certainly give you all the warm, fuzzy feels for the month of love.

Introducing our Sparkle Sweethearts:

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi

It’s not a stretch to dub Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi as up-and-coming showbiz royalties–Kyline with her years of experience in the industry and Mavy coming from a family of celebrities.

Kyline consistently wows fans and audiences alike with each of her portrayals on-screen, starting with Cheska in Kambal, Karibal, Anna/Elsa in Inagaw Na Bituin, and Maggie in Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit, proving that she’s one to watch when it comes to acting.

Meanwhile, Mavy, who’s basically been a huge household name all his life, continues to make his star power shine brighter ever since he officially started his showbiz journey last 2018. He has already shown great promise as an actor, model, and performer and we have seen his acting, performing, and hosting skills develop even further.

We first saw Kyline and Mavy pair up when they portrayed the feisty city girl Tiff and the charming probinsyano Basti respectively in the 2021 romantic-comedy series I Left My Heart In Sorsogon.

Online, their love team garners thousands of likes and millions of views with each photo or video they share which shows just how invested people are in this good-looking tandem.
Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay

Lovingly referred to as “Team Jolly” by their fans, Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay bring smiles to everyone’s faces wherever they go! The name “Team Jolly” is a perfect fit for these two sweethearts because their jovial personalities are extremely infectious and spread to those they work with on set or watch them on-screen.

One of Sparkle’s homegrown talents, we’ve seen Sofia’s acting skills grow immensely over the years and it has been a complete delight seeing her blossom as Donna Lyn/Lenlen in the top-rated Kapuso drama series Prima Donnas.

We first met Allen when he competed in the 7th season of the reality artista search StarStruck in which this promdi cutie ended up placing as the First Prince.

Sofia and Allen paired up together for the first time in Regal Studio Presents: Raya Sirena where Sofia finally got her chance at fulfilling a childhood dream which was portraying a mermaid on TV. Allen also joins Sofia and the rest of the Prima Donnas cast for its second season and he’s ready to show all he’s learned so far.

Team Jolly is a huge hit on social media, especially on TikTok where videos Sofia and Allen upload easily reach millions of views in no time.

Althea Ablan and Bruce Roeland

Althea Ablan and Bruce Roeland’s tandem is definitely one to watch. Althea’s “One of the Boys” appeal meshes well with Bruce’s outgoing personality and active lifestyle. Like puzzle pieces custom-made for each other, these two just click!

Althea started with Sparkle as a child actress and first made waves when she portrayed the young Alena in the 2016 Encantadia “requel.” Audiences then took quick notice of her when she breathed life into the role of the spunky Donna Belle/Ella in Prima Donnas.

Much like Althea, Bruce started his career with Sparkle at a very young age where he played kid roles in various Kapuso seryes. At 17, Bruce has shed his babyface image, developed quite the fit physique, grew to an admirable height, and is now ready to take centerstage.

Bruce joins Althea and the rest of the Prima Donnas cast for the top-rated drama’s second season where everyone will finally see their magic on-screen.

Shayne Sava and Abdul Raman

We were first introduced to Shayne Sava and Abdul Raman when the two joined the reality artista search StarStruck during its 7th season. Although the two have just met each other through StarStruck, both the show’s producers and fans immediately sensed a connection between the two, hence their love team was formed. Shayne then went on to win the Ultimate Female Survivor title while Abdul ended up as an Avenger.

Shayne and Abdul then got to star together as Jamilah and Hammad in the 2021 top-rated cultural-teleserye Legal Wives. Despite being new faces in the industry, they were able to stand their ground against seasoned actors and actresses such as Dennis Trillo, Andrea Torres, and Bianca Umali in heavy drama scenes which earned them plenty of praise from diehard viewers of the show.

The two are set to star as a love team once more in the upcoming series titled Raising Mamay where Shayne and Abdul will be given the chance to portray their first-ever leading roles.

Zonia Mejia and Jamir Zabarte

There’s always an easy air of positive vibes and good energy whenever Zonia Mejia and Jamir Zabarte are around!

Zonia and Jamir’s love team was formed when they were cast to play the roles of Sol and Buddy in the 2021 romantic-comedy series Heartful Cafe. Their characters’ “enemies-to-lovers” story arc was a hit among fans and they are definitely excited to see these two on-screen once more.

One of the reasons for their electric chemistry is because of Jamir’s natural charm and wit which perfectly goes well with Zonia’s sweeter than sweet disposition.

Dimples Romana Discovers the Amazing Health Benefits of Nature with Santé Barley Max


SANTé International continues to advocate the transformative power of all things natural in improving the lives of countless people as it opens the first quarter of 2022 introducing Dimples Romana as the newest endorser of its Retail and Wholesale division’s flagship brand, Santé Barley Max. 


As the world around us becomes more and more modernized, everything around us becomes more and more artificial, most especially in the food and beverage industry. Now we have brands of fast foods, instant coffee, instant noodles, and junk foods mushrooming one after the other. When consumed regularly, these products will eventually damage our health and cut our lifespans shorter. So now it’s time to tap on the power of natural — it’s time to counter the effects of the artificial with the all-natural Santé Barley Max to protect our health, improve the quality of our life for us and for our families.

An all-natural, nutritional powerhouse, and worry-free superfood supplement that is trusted by millions of families and individuals, Santé Barley Max is barley grass harvested at a young age and produced in powder and capsule forms. It uses barley grass powder that is certified organic by BioGro — New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products that promote the highest levels of organic quality. 

Being rich in vitamins and minerals for the daily diet needed by the human body, Santé Barley Max helps middle-aged, health-conscious individuals enjoy a good quality of life. It helps in enhancing the immune system and provides protection from illnesses and diseases. Santé Barley Max also contains stevia, which is a natural plant-based sweetener, low in calories and does not raise blood sugar levels.

Like all Pinoy moms, Dimples Romana juggles her time as an actress and as a mother while ensuring the safety of her family in these trying times due to the pandemic.  An awarding-winning and internationally acclaimed dramatic actress who has starred in a steady string of blockbuster films and top-rating TV series such as One More ChanceThe Mall, The MerrierBlock ZBagani, and Kadenang Ginto as well as her current primetime hit Viral Scandal, Dimples is also a mother of two kids whom she considers as her top priorities despite her hectic schedule as one of today’s most in-demand and bankable dramatic actresses in the industry.


“I am so grateful for being able to work and have endorsement deals because these are really very uncertain times,” says Dimples. 

“I believe that everything could be balanced with the right blend of time management. Work is essential but my family is the most important in my life. We need to stay healthy and active not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This is the reason why I am so ecstatic now that I am officially a part of the Santé Barley Max family because the brand is really effective in strengthening the immune system and providing the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need every day. One sachet per day or a single capsule before a meal of Santé Barley Max really makes a world of difference.”

Santé International, on the other hand, is equally thrilled to have Dimples on board as the brand promotes the healing power of nature this 2022. 

“We know that Dimples Romana is the perfect artist to represent Santé Barley Max because her values and personality align well with the brand,” says Santé International CEO Joey Marcelo. 

“Looking at her, you know that she is someone who lives to serve. She’s also very nurturing not only to her family but also to her colleagues, friends, and followers. We also see her as a catalyst who could influence people to change for the better; and people admire her because of her genuine love, care, and sincerity. And that, exactly, is what Santé Barley Max is all about.” 

Dimples reveals that through Santé Barley Max, she has discovered the amazing health benefits that nature could do for a person’s body, soul, and mind. 

“Nature has the ability to do wonders for one’s health and overall wellbeing. So, bring more nature into your home,” says Dimples. “We can now connect to the power of nature with Santé Barley Max which we should take every day for that added protection and vitality that we need.”

Santé Barley Max is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide as well as on @SanteOfficial Shopee and Lazada.

For more information and exciting updates on Santé Barley Max and Dimples Romana, like Barley Max Official on Facebook, follow @santebarleymax on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to Barley Max on YouTube.

Friday, February 18, 2022


ABS-CBN Film Restoration's Sagip Pelikula continues to celebrate the rich legacy of Philippine cinema by partnering with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and the Manila Metropolitan Theater (MET), bringing back restored classics on the big screen through the free public screening event "Mga Hiyas ng Sineng Pilipino." 

The collaborative event's first leg will happen on February 20 (Sunday) at the re-opened Metropolitan Theater and will feature screenings of beloved Pinoy classic films that have been newly scanned and enhanced using the latest technology for today's generation of moviegoers to appreciate the beauty of Philippine cinema throughout the years.

Among the films to be shown at the MET is Star Cinema's 1995 award-winning romantic-drama hit "Sana Maulit Muli," starring the sought-after pairing of Aga Mulach and Lea Salonga, courtesy of Sagip Pelikula.

The film highlights the love story of a long-time couple in Jerry (Aga) and Agnes (Lea) and how they dealt with the struggles of their long-distance relationship—with Agnes rekindling her connection with her estranged mother abroad and Jerry pursuing his career. But this would then take a toll on them, making them fall out of love. Despite their past troubles, Jerry then follows her overseas with high hopes of reuniting with Agnes. 

Alongside "Sana Maulit Muli," viewers can also watch other restored classics courtesy of the FDCP and the Philippine Film Archive (PFA), with titles "Dalagang Ilocana" (1954) starring Gloria Romero, Dolphy, Ric Rodrigo, and Tita de Villa and directed by Olive La Torre; and "Pagdating sa Dulo" (1971) helmed by National Artist Ishmael Bernal and top-billed by Rita Gomez, Eddie Garcia, Vic Vargas, Rosemarie Gil, Ronaldo Valdez, among many others.

"Dalagang Ilocana" will also air for free the same day at 10 AM, followed by "Pagdating sa Dulo" at 1:30 PM, and "Sana Maulit Muli" at 3 PM.  

For free ticket registration for each film, head over to bit.ly/DLsaMET for "Dalagang Ilocana," bit.ly/PSDsaMET for "Pagdating sa Dulo," and bit.ly/SMMsaMET for "Sana Maulit Muli." Reminder to all moviegoers to observe health and safety protocols inside the venue.

ABS-CBN Film Restoration celebrated its tenth year of restoring and remastering films from directors and writers of note for today’s viewers to appreciate through its Sagip Pelikula initiative. These efforts have earned multiple recognitions from award-giving bodies worldwide, including the prestigious Gold Quill Award given by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Gawad Pedro Bucaneg from Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL), and most recently the Gawad PASADO sa Pagsisinop ng mga De Kalibreng Pelikula distinction from the 23rd Gawad PASADO organized by Pampelikulang Samahan ng mga Dalubguro (PASADO).

For more details on its upcoming film showings, follow ABS-CBN Film Restoration on Facebook (facebook.com/filmrestorationabscbn), Twitter (@ABS_Restoration), and Instagram (@abscbnfilmrestoration). 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

MIKAEL DAEZ Expresses His Gratitude to GMA for Entrusting ‘THE BEST KA!'


GMA Network presents its newest comedy infotainment program ‘THE BEST KA! Featuring Guinness World Records ‘Best of the Best.’


Beginning February 20, this program will surely tickle everyone’s curiosity as it features intriguing anecdotes and out-of-this world wonders of people every Sunday afternoon.

All set to bring his trademark wit, charm and confidence as host of the program is no less than multitalented Kapuso actor Mikael Daez.  

Mikael expressed his gratitude to GMA for entrusting him this TV project, “Every project in GMA is a blessing kasi pinagkakatiwala ng GMA sa akin kung sino yung mga kasama ko, at yung buong crew and director. ‘Sa inyo ito, make this your own, and make us proud.’ ‘Yun ang nasa isip ko, make the most out of this, give it your best and enjoy.”

This new milestone in his career is a welcome breather for the Kapuso actor since he will be showcasing a side of him that the viewers have never seen before. 

“Sa trailer pa lang you can see me dancing. People know that I don’t dance that well. But I guess people don’t know that I do dance…Pero first time na lalabas yung side na ito doon sa isang hosting show. They’ve seen snippets of it as a character, sa ‘Ismol Family,’ sa ‘Bubble Gang.’ Pero dito sa ‘The Best Ka!’ I’m coming in as me, as Mikael, ibang side ang makikilala ng mga Kapuso natin.”

As Mikael dabbles on his very first full-length show as main host, he shared two key points on how to deal with pressure, "May pressure naman lagi pero ang mas importante ay maibigay mo lahat at mag-enjoy ka, yung dalawang bagay na ‘yon. Ibigay mo lahat, prepare well. If you have a script, read your script, if you have objectives, understand the objectives pero at the same time, i-enjoy mo ‘pag nandun ka na. If you have those two things, the rest will play out."

Aside from uncovering world-record holders, the program will also feature local individuals and their remarkable traits or achievements.

And for its pilot episode, Mikael will be joined by Miss World 2013 Megan Young as special guest co-host.

Sit back and make it a family habit to discover incredibly fascinating individuals in ‘THE BEST KA! Featuring Guinness World Records ‘Best of the Best’ – under the helm of director Tata Betita – beginning Sunday, February 20, 3:50 p.m. only on GMA Network.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

FDCP to Hold a Night of Celebration for PH Cinema’s Global Wins

THE Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will once again be honoring the stalwarts of Philippine cinema whose performances and cinematic work have brought recognition to our country through their awards and citations from the foremost international film festivals of the world, at the 6th Film Ambassador’s Night on February 27, 2022 at the reopened historical Manila Metropolitan Theater. 

Every year, the Film Ambassador’s Night aims to recognize the films and filmmakers that gave pride to the Philippines in the past yearfilms that competed and screened on the global stage, placing Filipino talent side by side to the finest ones in the world. 

For the past five years of this gathering of some of the brightest artists of the Philippine film industry, FDCP has honored a total of 319 Film ambassadors. The list grows even longer with the addition of 77 awardees for this year’s awarding.



“It’s another year's worth of victories with the best of the best Filipino films being recognized around the world, highlighting our cultural heritage in cinema over the years. As we have continued to reach altitudes on the global stage, we applaud each filmmaker who shared his or her talent, creativity, and passion to the world. We created this night to celebrate you,” FDCP Chairperson and CEO, Liza Diño expressed her excitement for this year’s awarding.

The annual ceremony will also be presenting the special honors of the evening the Camera Obscura Award, as the highest honor granted by the FDCP to a film worker or a film project with extraordinary achievements with two recipients; A-list Winners for winning at top international film festivals with three recipients; and the Gabay ng Industriya Award (Ilaw ng Industriya and Haligi ng Industriya), given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions during their lifetime becoming respected pillars of the Philippine film industry. Honorees for these will be unveiled by the Agency in the coming days. 


The annual ceremony will also be presenting the special honors of the evening the Camera Obscura Award, as the highest honor granted by the FDCP to a film worker or a film project with extraordinary achievements with two recipients; A-list Winners for winning at top international film festivals with three recipients; and the Gabay ng Industriya Award (Ilaw ng Industriya and Haligi ng Industriya), given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions during their lifetime becoming respected pillars of the Philippine film industry. Honorees for these will be unveiled by the Agency in the coming days. 

The year 2021 was a challenging one for the industry with the global pandemic limiting distribution opportunities, on-ground events, and filming logistics. As the Philippine cinema continues to transition and overcome challenges, recognitions and notable participations in the major leagues of the international film scene is a worthy cause of celebration in this much-awaited occasion. 

The 6th Film Ambassador’s Night will be an exclusive, invitational event for this year’s honorees at the MET Theater—a fitting home for this very important event—the cultural gem of Manila which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. The event held in hybrid format will be telecast on the FDCP Channel on a later date. 


Here is the list of this year’s Film Ambassador’s Night honorees. Watch out for FDCP’s reveal of Camera Obscura, Gabay ng Industriya, and A-List awardees, coming soon.


  1. Here, Here by Joanne Cesario

  1. The Visitor by Joey Agbayani

  1. Venganza by Joey Agbayani

  1. Harana by Marie Jamora

  1. My House by Adam Dumaguin

  1. Confession by Arjanmar Rebeta

  1. Miss You, George! by Mark Moneda

  1. Ang Lihim Ni Lea by Rico Gutierrez

  1. Filipiñana by Rafael Manuel

  1. Naiiba (Unique) by Rey Coloma 

  1. Bukal (Wellspring) by Jeffrey Smith “Epy” Quizon

  1. Mga Salitang Inanod (Drifted Thoughts) by Gabriel Carmelo

  1. Iamannika by Dan Versoza

  1. Mito Ng Maynila (Myth Of Manila) by Janus Victoria

  1. Ora Miss Mo by Khent Cacho

  1. Ana Bikhayr  (Okay Lang Ako) by Hannah Ragudos 

  1. Bakpak by Carlos Dala

  1. Silang Mga Naligaw Sa Limot by Vahn Pascual

  1. How To Die Young In Manila by Petersen Vargas

  1. Siil by Will Fredo

  1. An Sadit Na Planeta by Arjanmar Rebeta




  1. Jek Jumawan for  Pas-An (Carried Burdens)

  1. Frencheska Farr for Harana

  1. Jeyrick Sigmaton for Dayas

  1. Janice De Belen for Wounded Blood




  1. Fedelina: A Stolen Life by ABS-CBN’s DocuCentral 

  1. Miguel's Wounds (Mga Sugat Ni Miguel) by GMA-7’s Reporter’s Notebook

  1. 24 Oras: Special Coverage Of Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) In Luzon -  GMA Network


  1. To Calm The Pig Inside by Joanna Vasquez Arong

  1. Maliit Na Hakbang by Richard Legaspi

  1. Bullet-Laced Dreams by Kristoffer Brugada And Cha Escala


  1. A Thousand Cuts by Ramona Diaz

  1. Sa Layag Ng Bangkang Paurong (The Boats That Sail Backward) by Mark Giddel Liwanag

  1. Aswang By Alyx Ayn Arumpac



  1. Eric Ramos for In The Name Of The Mother

  1. Arlyn Dela Cruz Bernal for Ecq Diary (Bawal Lumabas



  1. Rogelio Balagtas for Islands

  1. Kit Thompson for Belle Douleur

  1. Elijah Canlas for Kalel,15

  1. Snooky Serna for In The Name Of The Mother

  1. Julio Cesar Sabenorio for Guerrero Dos, Tuloy Ang Laban

  1. Janine Gutierrez for Dito At Doon (Here And There)

  1. Cedrick Juan, Anna Luna and Noel Comia Jr for Gitarista (Guitarist)



  1. Carlo Ortega Cuevas for Guerrero Dos, Tuloy Ang Laban 

  1. Carlo Francisco Manatad for Whether The Weather Is Fine (Kun Maupay Man It Panahon)

  1. Maria Diane Ventura for Your Color (Deine Farbe)

  1. Mcarthur Cruz Alejandre


  1. Tagpuan (Crossroads) by Mcarthur Cruz Alejandre

  1. Belle Douleur by Josabeth Alonso

  1. In The Name Of The Mother by Joel Lamangan

  1. Balangiga: Howling Wilderness by Khavn De La Cruz

  1. Fan Girl by Antoinette Jadaone

  1. Latay (Battered Husband) by Ralston Jover

  1. Gitarista (Guitarist) by Jason Orfalas

  1. Midnight In A Perfect World by Dodo Dayao

  1. Metamorphosis By J.E. Tiglao


  1. Vice Ganda - Everybody, Sing! - ABS-CBN 



  1. Count by Adjani Arumpac

  1. Random People by Arden Rod Condez

  1. Gunam-Gunam X Guni-Guni (Rumi X Phantasm) by Khavn De La Cruz

  1. Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story produced by Rocketsheep

  1. Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss by Sonny Calvento

  1. On The Job: The Missing 8 by Erik Matti

  1. Arisaka by Mikhail Red

  1. Payback (Resbak) by Brillante Mendoza

  1. The Brokers by Daniel Palacio

  1. How To Die Young In Manila by Petersen Vargas

  1. Big Night! by Jun Robles Lana

  1. Last Days At Sea by Venice Atienza

  1. Love Is A Dog From Hell by Khavn Dela Cruz