Friday, March 8, 2024

Liza Diño Makes History as First Filipina French Knight in Cinema and Sole Southeast Asian Producer Selected for EAVE Producers Workshop 2024

Manila, Philippines – March 7, 2024 – Multiawarded actress, public servant, turned producer Liza Diño has achieved yet another groundbreaking milestone in her  career. 

The former head of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has been selected as the first Filipina to participate in the prestigious EAVE Producers Workshop, where she will also be the sole representative from Southeast Asia for the year-long programme in 2024. 

Diño was awarded one of France’s most distinguished titles, the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, last year.

The EAVE Producers Workshop, in partnership with Film Fund Luxembourg and supported by Creative Europe, is a premier training lab based in Europe aimed at fostering professional development and international collaboration for global producers in the film industry. The year-long program includes a series of three week-long intensive workshops focused on the development of fiction, documentary, and TV series projects, providing participants with invaluable networking opportunities and the chance to work alongside esteemed industry professionals.

Mentored by top-notch industry leaders, including EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller from Magic Hour Films (DK), the workshop offers participants a transformative training journey spanning over 3 residential workshops in Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden. In addition to the core curriculum, participants will have the unique opportunity to develop 28 selected documentary, feature film, and series projects, as well as focus on their careers, company structures, and entrepreneurial skills over the course of the year.

Liza Dino, known for her outstanding contributions to the Philippine cinema, has emerged as a trailblazer and a formidable force in the global film landscape. As an accomplished actress, government official and producer, Liza has continuously championed the development and promotion of Southeast Asian cinema on the world stage.

Throughout her career, Liza has amassed an impressive array of accomplishments, including her noteworthy role as the Chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), where she spearheaded various initiatives to elevate the local film industry. Her visionary leadership has led to the implementation of groundbreaking programs and policies aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and global presence of Filipino cinema.

“I am thrilled to further my mission of shining a spotlight on Southeast Asian cinema and drawing global attention to our talented regional filmmakers. We are already witnessing the significant impact of our efforts, with Southeast Asian films triumphing at top-tier festivals and beginning to establish a foothold in the market. However, the work is far from over. It is crucial to sustain this momentum and strive for continuous improvement in the quality of films we create. I am grateful to EAVE for enabling me to persist in the work I have initiated.” Liza shared.

Liza Diño's participation in the EAVE Producers Workshop not only serves as a testament to her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the craft but also underscores her commitment to advancing the interests of Southeast Asian filmmakers on an international scale. Through her involvement in this prestigious programme, Liza aims to further her advocacy for the development and promotion of diverse and authentic narratives from the region, thereby solidifying Southeast Asian cinema's position in the global cinematic landscape.

As the first Filipina French Knight in Cinema, Liza Diño continues to break barriers and inspire future generations of filmmakers with her pioneering spirit and unwavering passion for the art of cinema. Her participation in the EAVE Producers Workshop represents a significant opportunity to further her vision and advocacy, ultimately contributing to the enrichment and advancement of Southeast Asian cinema on the world stage.

Diño is currently in Luxembourg for the first leg of the EAVE Producers Workshop.

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