Monday, May 6, 2024

International Film Director, Njel de Mesa is sweeping the globe with his 10 Films

MULTI-FACETED director-writer-producer, Njel de Mesa will be very busy this year touring his 10 unreleased films that will have its world premiere in various international film festivals all around the world. 

His six films are currently the toast of the Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival to be held in Japan this May 25 and 26. Leading the charge is the quirky hilarious comedy film, “Malditas in Maldives” starring Arci Muñoz, Kiray Celis, and Janelle Tee. 

“It’s the most expensive movie that NDMstudios has produced so far—since we had to close down an entire resort in the Maldives for our shoot. Not to mention, it was the most challenging since the entire team lost some luggage--including our lead actress,” recalls the award-winning director.

“We were the first local production to shoot in the Maldives. And we wanted to do it so that people will have the urgency to alleviate Climate Change. The Maldives is reported to disappear into the ocean in a few years because of Global Warming,” Direk Njel de Mesa adds. 

A total of six films will be holding its Japan premiere at the JAIFF2024. The art house drama, “Must Give Us Pause”, the magic realism drama “Mama ‘San?”, “Coronaphobia” (starring Daiana Menezes, Will Devaughn), "Subtext" (1st Prize Don Carlos Palanca Awards starring Paolo Contis, Ciara Sotto, Ely Cellan), and "Creepy Shorts Anthology" (a collection of scary shorts) will all have its red-carpet premiere in Japan.

After the Japan premiere, Direk Njel and his company NDMstudios (which recently won “Best Independent Film Studio” in Hongkong) will be joining other international film festivals in Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, and Switzerland. However, they are also fully prepared for a commercial release in the Philippines. 

“The reaction we are receiving from the international community is quite overwhelming. It seems there is an audience for our quirky stories that has inspirational messages elsewhere, “Direk Njel explains. 

“And we have amazing performances from our principal actors. You have never seen Arci and Kiray act this intensely and deliver so many powerful lines in a film!”

You can view the trailers, teasers, and other promotional videos on their social media platforms:,

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