Thursday, April 18, 2024

Is Puregold teasing the year’s panalo collab of the Philippines’ biggest music artists?

Social media has been on fire speculating about Puregold collaborating with the hottest names in the local music scene. The buzz started after Puregold made two teaser posts on their social media this past April 12th that seemed to hint at an announcement involving major Pinoy pop artists. 

The first post from that morning showed the following letters flashing on screen: SL, SB, FG, and BN. Finally, the following letters settled on the screen: GRFSB. These same letters were also in the video’s official title, #Puregold_GRFSB. This first video made it clear what those letters meant: Get ready for something big!

Later that day, another post would drop that provided more clues. Once again, labeled #Puregold_GRFSB, this time the post offered glimpses of multiple silhouetted figures. A close look at the video showed four images: three groups and a singular figure. The video ended by promising more to come in May 2024.

Luckily for curious fans and followers, Puregold served more.


On April 17, a video snippet of a song from the band SunKissed Lola was released. Best known for their hit song “Pasilyo” with over 204 million streams on Spotify alone, SunKissed Lola is now officially the first announced band to be part of this major music venture from Puregold.

FANS of the band were thrilled to find that the snippet teased brand new original music from SunKissed Lola. Even from just the 20 seconds shared in the video, it’s clear that fans will have much to look forward to when SunKissed Lola drops an original new song in collaboration with Puregold. 


With lyrics like “Burahin ang anumang duda sa sarili mo,” the song promises to be an uplifting and inspiring anthem about confidence and believing in one’s self. Already, this teaser has given a glimpse of the always “panalo” vibe that Puregold has always put out through its various forms of marketing campaigns.


Seems like Puregold is looking to accomplish something massive in this music collaboration. Music fans all over the country are already waiting with bated breath for further announcements and confirmations about which artists will be next to link up with the retailer.


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