Monday, September 25, 2023

Piolo Pascual to Host the 6th Edition of 'The EDDYS' and to Receive IVR Award

THE Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd) has selected seasoned actor and film producer Piolo Pascual as the host for the 6th edition of Entertainment Editors’ Choice more popularly known as 'The EDDYS'.


In addition to his hosting duties, the 46-year-old actor returns to The EDDYS stage as the honoree of the prestigious Isah V. Red Award, joining a list of awardees that includes Herbert Bautista, and Coco Martin. 

Isah V. Red Awardee - PIOLO PASCUAL

This award acknowledges their unwavering support and inspiration to their fellow Filipinos in the face of various challenges, highlighting their significant contributions to the film industry.

Isah V. Red Awardee - HERBERT BAUTISTA

Pascual was previously recognized in 2019 with the Rising Producer Circle Award for his contributions to Spring Films.

Continuing its tradition of honoring industry pillars, The EDDYS will recognize eight industry pillars who have made a profound impact on the entertainment world through their exceptional bodies of work.

Isah V. Red Awardee - COCO MARTIN

This year’s Movie Icon awardees include Aga Muhlach, Richard Gomez, Gabby Concepcion, Niño Muhlach, Snooky Serna, Jaclyn Jose, Barbara Perez, and Nova Villa.

The Joe Quirino Award will honor Aster Amoyo, a veteran entertainment columnist, former TV host, and content creator, for her invaluable contributions. 

Joe Quirino Awardee - ASTER AMOYO

Renowned writer Ed de Leon will be honored with the Manny Pichel Award for his exceptional work in the field.

Viva Films will be named Producer of the Year, while MavX Productions will be recognized as the Rising Producer of the Year.

Manny Pichel Awardee - ED DE LEON

The grand movie affair, directed by Eric Quizon, is organized by Airtime Marketing Philippines, will have a delayed telecast on NET 25 on October 28.

This SPEEd-led film event aims to recognize and celebrate the best in Philippine cinema. A total of 14 acting and technical awards will be presented to nominated films released in 2022.

SPEEd, composed of current and former entertainment editors from leading newspapers and online sites, is led by its President, Eugene Asis of People's Journal.

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