Thursday, October 19, 2023


IN a study conducted on the customs of people around the world, it appears that their greatest pleasure is being able to play in the snow, or to paddle in the sea, if they can't take a bath at the beach. 

Snow is in winter, a trip to the sea is in summer. Two different times, and those two never coincided.

But using modern technology, Thomas Choong, who also invented the snow machine used by Snow World, tried to combine the two different seasons.

With the latest video technologies, you can visit the beach at any time, and just as the air on the beach is expected if the waves hit the beach, so is the air you will breathe with the new ionizers.

That alone is an experience you won't miss. But if at the same time you can feel small snowflakes falling from the sky, and there is snow all around you, well, that is a wonderful experience and it is now possible inside Snow World Manila.

When Snow World started in Star City, many people said it was impossible because of the hot weather in the Philippines. Also, there have been other winter attractions in the Philippines before, but it's not real snow, it's only crushed ice and sometimes it's just foam. 

Using his innovative invention, real snow was brought inside Star City. The longest man made ice slide has been built inside, a beautiful snow village, a coffee shop, and other attractions have been built along with the snow. 

And now, they included the attraction of summer at the Snow World Manila, and you can visit from Thursday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 10 pm.

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