Thursday, November 2, 2023

Nino Muhlach Admitted To Korina Sanchez That He Has Another Daughter

ANOTHER explosive interview will explode in the upcoming episode of 'Korina Interviews' on NET25 this Sunday, 5:00 pm.

This time, former child superstar Niño Muhlach was interviewed by Ate Koring'.

"Great. The entire Philippines almost worships a Niño Muhlach," admitted Korina who was once a fan of the award-winning young actor.

“I was surrounded by bodyguards. I am shooting five films at the same time. We are always with the President and First Lady at the palace", said Niño. 

"But I prepared for the time when all that will disappear, with the help of my Dad".

They look back at the height of Niño's popularity to the tarnishing of his career —- and his resurgence.

What lessons did he learn from his father that he still carries with him today?

What is the secret recipe of the famous Muhlach ensaymada?

But wait there's more, Niño admitted to Korina that he has another daughter!


Watch the full details this Sunday at 5pm on 'Korina Interviews' on Net 25!

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