Friday, December 15, 2023


IN a bold move that challenges traditional beauty norms, White Castle Whiskey has announced Angelie "Pench" Andanar as their new calendar girl. 

This decision marks a significant shift in the portrayal of beauty, especially in the Philippines, where tattoos have often been viewed with skepticism.

At 36, Pench, a freelance model and single mother from Pampanga, defies the typical calendar girl stereotype. Her detailed and extensive body tattoos set her apart, making her a symbol of edgy beauty and self-expression.

Pench kicked off her modeling career in 2006 and gained notable recognition as FHM Philippines' Girlfriend Of The Month in May 2010. Her unique combination of an angelic face and bold tattoos has established her as a prominent influencer in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Pench's resilience and dedication to her craft are as remarkable as her advocacy against tattoo discrimination in the Philippines.

Pench’s collaboration with White Castle Whiskey transcends a mere modeling gig; it's a profound statement. White Castle, a brand known for its iconic imagery of beauties on white horses, is taking a stand for inclusivity and the celebration of diverse forms of beauty. By choosing Pench, they are not only embracing her individuality but also sending a powerful message that beauty transcends conventional standards.

Pench's advocacy against tattoo discrimination in the Philippines is a significant part of her identity. Her extensive body tattoos are not just adornments; they are a statement of her individuality and a challenge to societal norms.

Her influence extends to Alua, a platform where she shares exclusive content with her audience. With over 242 photos and 19 videos, Pench offers an insider’s view into her life and style, further solidifying her status as a role model and a voice for self-expression.

White Castle Whiskey, from Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., the Philippines' oldest distillery, has long been an industry pioneer. It has embraced diversity and inclusivity in its marketing strategies, evident in the bold choices they make for their iconic calendars. Moving away from traditional imagery, the company has embraced a more inclusive and diverse array of personalities.

Notable examples include vlogger Ninong Ry, known for his charismatic and unconventional online presence; and Ria Atayde, who promotes body positivity, challenging traditional  beauty standards and encouraging a more inclusiveview of beauty. Her involvement signifies the brand's commitment to celebrating all body types.

In a similarly progressive move, Destileria Limtuaco made a significant stride in inclusivity by featuring Sassa Gurl, their very first LGBTQIA+ personality. This not only highlights the brand's openness to diverse representations but also resonates with a broader audience, acknowledging and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community in a public and influential platform. 

These choices underscore Destileria Limtuaco's dedication to breaking away from conventionalnorms, showcasing a range of personalities that embody the different aspects of beauty, individuality, and empowerment in the Philippine liquor industry.

Their decision to feature Pench aligns with their history of innovation and breaking boundaries. The brand, which has been an outlet for inclusivity since 2020, is making a significant cultural impact with this campaign. It's a celebration of self-expression as an art form, challenging the stigma around tattooed individuals and conveying that tattoos are a form of art and personal expression.

Choosing Pench as the new face of White Castle Whiskey symbolizes the evolving perceptions of beauty. It's a move that not only acknowledges tattoos as a form of beauty but also celebrates the stories and experiences they represent. 

Pench Andanar, with her compelling persona and advocacy, is not just a model; with the support of White Castle Whiskey, she continues to be a trailblazer who redefines beauty standards, one tattoo at a time.

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