Thursday, February 22, 2024

GLOBE Empowers Youth Creativity at CCP’s 'Pasinaya Festival 2024'


GLOBE has reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing the aspirations of young creatives and celebrating artistic innovation through its latest collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for Pasinaya Festival 2024.


The partnership transformed the largest multi-arts festival in the country into a digital and creative spectacle, proving that technology and arts can come together to create unparalleled experiences for all.


Held on February 2 to 4 at the CCP Complex, Pasinaya Festival 2024 offered an "experience-all-you-can, pay-what-you-can" scheme, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a diverse array of over a hundred shows, screenings, workshops, and activities spanning music, theater, dance, visual arts, film, and literature.

"Globe remains committed to nurturing the youth, offering them opportunities to learn and improve their skills from an early age. The Pasinaya Festival showcased a variety of workshops and performances across disciplines, reflecting the breadth of creativity we support. Our partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines for this festival is just the beginning of the creative partnerships we aim to build this year," remarked Giv Florida, Director and Head of Globe Prepaid.


In line with Globe's mission to empower the next generation of creators, the company's support for Pasinaya 2024 was multifaceted.


Through Globe Hangouts, festival-goers were treated to an array of enriching activities, from virtual reality (VR) on the Hangouts Bus to designing their own tote bags with Dripsplash PH.


Likewise, attendees were able to sign up for GoWATCH: Art Animation Masterclasses for free, ensuring that even those who missed certain talks could catch up via the Globe Hangouts website.


Globe also facilitated discussions with members of Graphic Artists Philippines and Philippine Graphic Artists to share insights on their communities, community-building efforts, and how the company has supported their creative endeavors.


Those who wanted to make a difference also had the opportunity to positively impact the lives of families facing involuntary hunger by donating their Globe Rewards points to the Hapag Movement via the GlobeOne app.


Globe’s support expanded beyond just experiences to include essential technological infrastructure. Provisioning a robust network played a crucial role in enabling the seamless live streaming of various festival activities and providing outstanding connectivity for all attendees.


Pasinaya Festival 2024 seamlessly aligns with Globe's "Go Lang Nang Go" core message, motivating young individuals to engage deeply with their interests, seek out new experiences, and navigate the complex yet rewarding path of self-discovery.


Globe is dedicated to being a pillar of innovation, enabling Gen Z creators driven by passion to pursue their interests and achieve significant milestones through platforms designed for genuine self-expression. Watch out for updates from Globe on similar events and activities.


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