Thursday, March 14, 2024

DR. CARL BALITA & CATHY GARCIA-SAMPANA Team Up with “Gimme a Break: Teachers Edition”

Dr. Carl E. Balita & Cathy Garcia-Sampana formed a partnership that will showcase the singing prowess of teachers via “Gimme a Break: Teachers Edition.” 

“Gimme a Break” is a talent search competition which aims to discover new talents that will shine in their respective skills.

Dr. Carl E. Balita is the President & CEO of the Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center or popularly known as CBRC. With almost 200 branches in major cities locally and internationally, CBRC is the home of hundreds of topnotchers and a million board passers which include various professionals such as teachers, nurses, midwives, criminologists, agriculturists among others. Thus, Dr. Carl E. Balita was dubbed as the “Father of Philippine Review.” 

Multi-awarded and blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Sampana leads NICKL Entertainment Corp. as its President & CEO. NICKL Entertainment is a group of professionals with decades of experience in film, broadcasting, and entertainment. Serving audiences with discriminating tastes for entertainment, it was initially established with the goal of organizing concerts featuring Kpop groups in the Philippines. However, when the pandemic happened, an even greater idea arises—the display of the amazing Filipino talent.

Describing himself as a dreamcatcher, Dr. Carl has an eye for talented people, and he creates an opportunity for them to shine by giving them the platform to express themselves whether through music, film or the classroom. Thus the meeting of the creative minds of Dr. Carl and Direk Cathy was destined to happen—both into discovering untapped potentials to mold and hone. 

“Gimme a Break” is dedicated to putting the spotlight on the Filipino talents. With it, NICKL Entertainment aims to help local artists by giving them a chance to show what they've got. They began in 2021 with discovering new songwriters. The contest ran for a year until the best one emerged among the roster of talented songwriters—Chard Salazar aka Putito Chief who has now written a song for SB19.

With the collaboration between CBRC and NICKL Entertainment, “Gimme Me a Break” soars higher through the Teachers Edition of the competition. Eight singing teachers from all over the Philippines will undergo a series of challenges until they reach the finale. Their identities will be hidden by wearing a mask throughout the competition. They will be coached and guided by industry experts such as Frenchie Dy, Beverly Salviejo, Rocky Garcia, Joross Gamboa, and Jeffrey Tam. This panel of experts will also serve as judges during the final round along with Dr. Carl Balita and Direk Cathy Garcia-Sampana.

The Top 3 Grand Finalists of “Gimme a Break: Teachers Edition” will win the following prizes: The 2nd runner-up will receive 20,000 pesos. The 1st runner-up will receive 30,000 pesos. And the Grand Champion will receive 50,000 pesos and an exclusive contract with CLINjK Artist Management Inc., NICKL Entertainment’s daughter company.

The Final Reveal happens on April 10!

“Gimme a Break: Teachers Edition” is brought to you by the Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center and NICKL Entertainment, sponsored by the Dr. Carl E. Balita Foundation, Tikme Dine, RoyalCare Venue, and CLINjK Artist Management. Special thanks goes to Selah Pods and Sprinto.

“Gimme a Break: Teachers Edition,” bringing out the best in Filipinos!


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