Tuesday, March 1, 2022

TV5, Kumu, and Cornerstone Entertainment Join Forces For ‘Top Class, The Rise To P-Pop Stardom’

The Kapatid Network continues to expand its platform to premium quality content through formidable content partnerships.

TV5, through Cignal TV’s Cignal Entertainment, has partnered with content streaming platform Kumu and premiere multimedia company Cornerstone Entertainment for the most exciting search for the next Pinoy pop group in Philippine television to date in Top Class, The Rise to P-Pop Stardom.

Kumu Commercial Chief Officer Paolo Pineda Cignal Entertainment/TV5 President and CEO Robert Galang, Cornestone Entertainment President Erickson Raymundo, and Vice President Jeff Vadillo 

The contract signing hosted by Markki Stroem, happened at TV5 Launch Pad with the representatives of entertainment giants composed of Kumu Commercial Cheif Officer Paolo Pineda, Cornerstone Entertainment President Erickson Raymundo, and Vice President Jeff Vadillo and Cignal Entertainment/TV President and CEO Robert Galang.

Top Class is an original talent hunt survival series that will delve into the world of future male superstars and chart their trail into fame and glory in the entertainment industry. The show will highlight these young aspirants who will take on challenges and push them to their limits as they compete for the coveted prize of becoming the next Filipino boy idol group. 

With 30 dreamers’ lives on the line, the number of hopefuls will be whittled down to the final spots that will punch through the top and spearhead what could be the next wave of Pinoy talents that will set fire to the world of showbiz.

Contract signing with Kumu Commercial Chief Officer Paolo Pineda, TV5 President and CEO Robert Galang, Cornerstone Entertainment President Erickson Raymundo and Vice President Jeff Vadillo.

In less than two years, after its return in the entertainment production scene, TV5 continues to give platform to premium content through formidable content partnerships. The collaboration between TV5, Kumu and Cornerstone Entertainment heralds the creative prowess between these mass media giants and the manpower and resources that go into making Top Class as the ultimate show that will find this generation’s “it” P-pop boy group. 

With the growing popularity of Kumu, the Pinoy live streaming app built for the Millennial and Gen Z Filipinos, the move to discover the next P-pop group will empower more content creators around the world to showcase their talents. 

Kumu Commercial Chief Officer Paolo Pineda, TV5 President and CEO Robert Galang, Cornerstone Entertainment President Erickson Raymundo and Vice President Jeff Vadillo with Markki Stroem

Combine it with the production and talent management expertise of Cornerstone Entertainment, the talent agency behind some of the country’s brightest stars and also the creators of award-winning shows like Niña Niño and Sing-Galing via its production arm – CS Studios, this talent search series promises to give televiewers a top of the line visual and aural treat.

All these and more in TV5’s offerings for 2022.

The talent series will feature top-notch Pinoy hosts and mentors who are known globally for their body of work to guide and prepare our dreamers for the world stage. There will also be some exciting surprise guests.

Cornerstone Entertainment Vice President Jeff Vadillo says, “Coming from a talent management perspective, we’ve handled a lot of some of the country’s biggest stars. And, through this show, we aim to get to create the future of P-Pop. That’s the goal.

“With proper training and with the experience that we have in terms of discovering talents and honing and training them, we feel that we have a good chance of really raising up the future of P-Pop through this show.”

Catch all the drama and the joys of our young male candidates vying to be this generation’s newest P-pop boy group on your Kapatid Network, TV5, and on the official account of Top Class on Kumu http://app.kumu.ph/topclass.

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