Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sen. Imee’s Spooky Halloween Treats — Aswang and Other Horror Stories

IT’S an extra-spooky Halloween long weekend at Senator Imee Marcos’ official YouTube channel as she gives her loyal online Imeenatics her most spine-chilling content to date. 


On October 28 (Friday), on a vlog entry titled Pammati ti Ilokano, the Senator sits down with one of her favorite chikahan partners, Juliana Parizcova-Segovia, as they exchange stories on superstitious beliefs during All Saints Day. 


Senator Imee and Juliana delved on the traditional Pinoy Halloween no-no's which include not wearing red when visiting the cemetery; not combing their hair and cutting their nails; and not stepping on the graves of the dead among many others. 

On October 29 (Saturday), Imee will stream her special Fly Aswang tete-a-tete with Bessie Badilla where they discussed the inception of the Pinoy animated horror movie that they produced, which preceded the animated Netflix series Trese.

Fly Aswang is a Filipino animated horror feature that showcases different kinds of Pinoy aswangs such as the Tikbalang, Impakto, Nuno, and Mumbaki to mention a few. 

Sen. Imee will then upload a full feature streaming of Fly Aswang on October 31 (Monday) before segueing to a special Halloween greeting on November 1. 

Treat yourself to a dose of creepy fun with Sen. Imee Marcos and enjoy good scare in the free viewing of Fly Aswang and subscribe to 

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