Saturday, February 25, 2023

'GoodWill' Gains Traction from "Mana" Storyline

IN the "inheritance (mana)" conversation, everyone listens.
And such is the hook to the new romantic-comedy on TV, GoodWill, aired on NET25 every Sunday at 4 pm right before 'Korina Interviews'.

Here's the latest on what to look forward to every weekend.

Lloyd Patawad, a wannabe rockstar, feel victim to a scam and got into debt! Fortunately, there is a big inheritance!

But because the inheritance is so huge, there are still conditions that he must follow before he can inherit the inheritance from Mama.

Will he be able to solve the big trouble he got into? How?

The missing bracelet issue isn't over yet, it looks like the gang has another problem?!? There will be an answer to everyone's same question... "Who really took Sarah's bracelet?"

Here's Chef Alex, her beauty is stunning, just like a beauty queen!… Could it be that she also have a 'good will'?

Lodi Lloyd, it looks like he's given all on being a GoodWill Resort worker, he's really giving up on becoming a  "rockstar"? 

So, isn't it a surprise viewers are glued to the rom-com show.

'GoodWill' stars David Chua, Devon Seron, Raymond Bagatsing, Smokey Manoloto, Kat Galang, Ryan Rems and James Caraan.

Don't forget to watch every Sunday, 4 pm on Net 25.

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