Monday, February 5, 2024

NDMstudios Unveils New Milestones in 'Malditas in Maldives': PH Official Selection Entry to the 2024 Jinseo Arigato International Filmfest

AFTER an entire year of preparation and post production, award-winning director-writer-producer, Njel de Mesa is ready to unveil his ten brand new films to be released this year.

Arci Muñoz

Abuzz in the industry is the fact that Direk Njel de Mesa will be the first “Director-Writer-Producer” to have done such a feat— and all independently.

Janelle Tee & Kiray Celis

Leading the charge is the hilarious comedy, “Malditas in Maldives” starring the “Muse of Philippine Cinema,” Arci Muñoz, Kiray Celis, and Vivamax royalty Janelle Tee. Arci Muñoz steps up to become a producer in this project-- as well as a creative director.

Janelle Tee, Arci Muñoz & Kiray Celis 

In the film, three rival vloggers (Anais, Kimble, and Padma) are set to feature the atolls of Maldives when they find themselves in a time loop, where the days are always repeating itself. Caught in this quirky predicament they try to find solutions on how to get out of the loop.

Kiray Celis, Arci Muñoz, Janelle Tee,  & Direk Njel de Mesa 

Njel de Mesa’s "Malditas in Maldives" is Philippines official selection entry to the 2024 Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival in Nagoya Japan.

 Arci Muñoz

“The film will hold international screenings first and world premieres by joining international film festivals in Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, and Canada. We’re also set to go back to Maldives and premiere it there!” says Direk Njel de Mesa.

“We have been so lucky that we have establishments such as South Palm Maldives and Meuyag supporting our project,” Arci Muñoz adds.

 Janelle Tee

“We have been so lucky that we have establishments such as South Palm Maldives and Meuyag supporting our project,” Arci Muñoz adds.

“The film is sort of a commentary about toxic vloggers online but is very much a celebration of life,” says Janelle Tee.

“I wanted to do something different other than taking off my clothes for certain films—and do more challenging roles. Thanks to Direk Njel I got a break to do other things and be in the company of great actors.”

“GMA Network’s Sparkle has been very supportive of the project,” says Kiray Celis.

Kiray Celis

“It was the most challenging shoot Direk Njel has had to face since most of equipment didn’t arrive in Maldives. Arci’s luggage as well got lost in the airport transfer enroute to our filming location—so she ended up borrowing clothes from everyone just so we can finish the job.”

Whatever the challenges the production had to face, the hilarious trailer of "Malditas In Maldives" can now be viewed on Youtube and other social media platforms. People can’t wait for the entire movie for in the end, as Direk Njel puts it: “You get by with a little help from your friends”.

Watch the trailer below:

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