Tuesday, March 26, 2024

“Love. Die. Repeat.” Bids Goodbye with a Lingering Lesson to Viewers



JOIN Ultimate Star Jennylyn Mercado and highly-talented actor Xian Lim as their characters in “Love. Die. Repeat.” prove that every ending is a new beginning.


This Wednesday (March 27), the high-rating series airs its shocking yet heartwarming finale on GMA Prime.

Jennylyn Mercado & Xian Lim 

While Angela (Jennylyn) and Bernard (Xian) try to rekindle their marriage, the obsession of Elton (Mike Tan) and Chloe (Valeen Montenegro) will keep their lives complicated.

Elton will do everything to get Angela back in his life, even if it means abducting her. Meanwhile, Chloe is ready to kill anyone just to fight for her selfish love for Bernard.

Jennylyn Mercado 

But now that Bernard is the one stuck in a time loop, he will try to save Angela from the hands of Elton and Chloe. Will his attempts succeed, or will Bernard completely lose Angela in the end? Is there still a chance for them to start over again?


As the series bids farewell, viewers are expressing their love for the show. Based on some comments on GMA Network's Facebook page, “Ito ‘yung series na maganda ang storyline. Sobrang daming twists. I’m always watching until the end!”

Xian Lim 

Some netizens also express their opinions on time loops. One said, “Ang swerte ni Angela. May option siyang bumalik sa past. Sana may ganito talaga in real life.” Others replied, “May consequences din kung magkatotoo ito. Mas mabuti pa rin to enjoy the present.”

Don’t miss the finale of “Love. Die. Repeat.” this March 27 at 8:50 p.m. on GMA Prime. The program also has a delayed telecast on GTV at 10:50 p.m.

Global Pinoys can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV. For more stories about the Kapuso Network, visit www.GMANetwork.com.

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