Friday, March 22, 2024

MTRCB bans film “Chasing Tuna in the Ocean” over nine-dash line

THE Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) announced today its decision to ban the film “Chasing Tuna in the Ocean” from domestic exhibition, citing scenes that prominently display the controversial nine-dash line.

The film has been slapped with an “X” rating, categorizing it as "Not for Public Exhibition" within the Philippines.

The decision comes after a thorough review by the MTRCB Committee on First Review, which concluded that the film's depiction of the nine-dash line symbolizes China's territorial claim over the South China Sea. Said depiction is considered an attack against the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines and is violative of Section 3 (c) of Presidential Decree No. 1986 (PD No. 1986).

"The MTRCB will continue to exercise its powers and prerogatives consistent with its mandate, and as Filipinos, we shall not tolerate any content that undermines the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines," MTRCB Chairperson and CEO Lala Sotto said on Thursday.

“As it stands, ‘Chasing Tuna in the Ocean’ won’t be exhibited in the Philippines. However, given that the ‘X’ rating was imposed by the Committee on First Review, under PD No. 1986, Producers are not precluded from applying before the Board a request for a Second review, provided, however, that they submit a revised material with the contentious scenes deleted to adhere to the MTRCB Charter. This serves as a reminder to producers to conform with MTRCB standards,” Sotto emphasized.

"Chasing Tuna in the Ocean" records the hardships of the fishermen fishing for tuna in the Indian Ocean, and presents the fearlessness and responsibility of the fishermen from a delicate perspective. 

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