Thursday, July 13, 2023

'Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile' Finale: Questions and Theories From Fans

AFTER 13 weeks of making fans swoon, laugh, cry, and fall in love, Puregold Channel’s Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile's story is winding to a close. 

Viewers watched as Angge (Yukii Takahashi) and Bryce (Wilbert Ross) hooked up in the digital world, became friends, grew fond of each other, and eventually developed deeper feelings.

Wilbert Ross & Yukii Takahashi

When Angge and Bryce finally met in real life, sparks flew and fans wondered: could romance be far behind? But insecurity, indecision, and other external factors stood in the way. Bryce and Angge never got to share how they felt until it was too late. Angge got back together with her ex, Jerry (Anjo Resurreccion), with Angge and Bryce drifting apart despite their growing feelings.

Wilbert Ross

Through all the thrill and excitement this wildly popular digital series has generated, viewers are hanging in there, envisioning a “happy ever after” at the end of the road. Here, let us check out what ALSLNP’s rabid fans have to say about this engaging love story.


Is Jerry and Angge’s re-coupling the series’ end game? How will Bryce deal with this?

Yukii Takahashi

Fans speculate that Bryce's flip-flopping has helped drive Angge back to Jerry, her ex. While this is frustrating for Bryce-and-Angge shippers, they feel that Angge deserves a man who bravely owns up to his feelings.


What’s in store for Ketch (Migs Almendras) and Genski (Kat Galang)?

Wilbert Ross & Kat Galang

Bryce's kuwela and kulit BFFs had their own story arc in the series, which viewers thoroughly enjoyed. Genski harbored feelings for Ketch, and it was recently revealed that Ketch felt the same. However, he had to go abroad. Now fans are wondering if there is a future for the duo, as they are rooting for them, too.


Will Bessie (Marissa Sanchez) ever approve of Angge?

Wilbert Ross, Star Orjaliza & Marissa Sanchez

When Bessie, Bryce's mother, eventually met Angge, she asked Angge to spare her son from heartbreak. While Bessie later had a change of heart, fans remain anxious. Will Bessie totally accept Angge, and will Bryce and Angge end up together (which everyone is praying for).


Will Bryce and Angge find success in their personal endeavors?

TJ Valderrama & Yukii Takahashi

So far, Bessie is struggling to keep their family business, Veggie Boy, afloat, hoping that Bryce will play a role in it. Meanwhile, Angge is an aspiring writer of poetry, and her wisdom on love helped Bryce navigate the dating circuit when she was his virtual wingwoman. Fans are also rooting for them to succeed in their personal lives, hoping to see this in the finale.


Do Bryce and Angge truly have a chance at love?

Wilbert Ross & Yukii Takahashi

For hopeless romantics, Bryce and Angge’s happily-ever-after is in the cards. Other viewers are more realistic, however, and only hope that their wish will be granted.


But if the fandom had their way, it is only right that the tandem find their way back to each other. Angge brought out the best in Bryce and showed him his potential. Bryce was there for Angge through good times and bad, and cheered her up with his kindness and affection.

Small wonder that fans are hoping for a satisfying conclusion to the quirky romance that has captured our hearts. Just don’t miss the much-awaited series finale of Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, to be shown on Puregold’s official YouTube channel on July 15, at 7 p.m. 

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